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Hotel Chocolat : You Crack Me Up Easter Egg

I knew I'd reviewed this egg in the past, looking back at past posts I was shocked to see that it was in fact 2011 that I'd first tried the You Crack Me Up!! Wow.  Browsing through Hotel Chocolat's website it's always the egg that stands out the most to me; although probably primarily catered towards a younger audience I think in terms of the chocolate used for the shells and the fillings of the chocolates inside it would also appeal to a mass of adults who a) aren't a fan of alcoholic filled chocolates and/or b) prefer sweeter chocolate shells as opposed to their darker counter part.

Hotel Chocolat You Crack Me Up Egg

Hotel Chocolat always seem to hit the right mark in terms of their Easter Eggs, the use of their extra thick shells and the selection of chocolates nestled inside, presented in a gorgeous gift box, makes for the perfect luxurious Easter treat and what with gifting at Easter now becoming more prevalent, akin to Christmas, it makes for the perfect chocolate present for any friend/family member.

Hotel Chocolat You Crack Me Up Egg

Looking back at the past post I was trying to determine whether anything had changed; in terms of the shell, no, one shell is still made with 40% milk chocolate and the other a fusion of 40% milk chocolate and white chocolate for a sweeter affair. Both are absolutely delicious; the pure 40% milk shell possesses the classic rich, creamy cocoa flavours that Hotel Chocolat's chocolate provides, that perfect balance of sweetness. A much richer chocolate affair. The fusion side provides a sweeter mix with the white chocolate adding an added creamy, vanilla flavour. If you want some richer, go for the 40% side, fancying something a bit sweeter, opt for the fusion. Either way, whichever side you choose to tuck into first, they're both delicious.

Hotel Chocolat You Crack Me Up Egg

Hotel Chocolat You Crack Me Up Egg


Moving onto the chocolates inside, you get 2 of each :

Hotel Chocolat You Crack Me Up Egg

Cocoa Pod Egg - Previously Milk Praline Fried Egg this chocolate is 'Super-smooth hazelnut and creamy milk chocolate topped with a white chocolate fried egg.' I don't need to say how absolutely delicious Hotel Chocolat's praline is; in fact it's probably my favourite out of an abundance I've tried, they've got the ratio of nut:sugar perfectly right and the texture is beautiful, smooth, creamy and melt in the mouth.

Smiley Face Milk - This looks as if it's a hybrid of the past Chocolate Brownie & the Vanilla Buttercream; blending them together to create a chocolate which is 'Crispy chocolate buttercream sealed in milk chocolate'. I love the cute smiley face on the chocolate, it feels as if it's almost too cruel to eat...almost. Lovely rich, smooth chocolate buttercream with nice nibbly bits for texture.

Smiley Face Mocha - One for the coffee fans, this chocolate wasn't contained in the selection back when I reviewed it in 2011. 'Crunchy biscuit pieces and praline sealed in mocha chocolate.' I'm not huge on coffee chocolates using coffee flavoured chocolate as the shell to the egg as opposed to the flavouring the praline filling I think is a stroke of genius, adding a subtle coffee flavour that complements the hazelnut praline beautifully.

White Soldier - The addition of egg & soldiers is something that has just risen over the past few years at Hotel Chocolat and wasn't included in the egg when I reviewed it previously. To my delight this is another praline chocolate - 'Smooth hazelnut chocolate soldier pre-dipped with a dollop of creamy chocolate yolk.'. The same delicious praline as used in other chocolates, albeit encased in white chocolate for a sweeter eat.

Tiddly Chick - Renamed from 'Chirpy Chick' this is exactly the same 'An irresistibly nibbly 40% milk chocolate chick.'  The same rich, creamy cocoa flavours used in the egg shells. A nice plain solid chocolate shape.

Praline City Bunny - Most akin to the Smooth Praline from 2011; however in a new mould and encased in Hotel Chocolat's caramel chocolate. 'A smooth hazelnut bunny smartly dressed in caramel chocolate'. I adore Hotel Chocolat's caramel chocolate and again with the hazelnut praline it just works so well! Kind of a hybrid between the previous Cocoa Pod Bunny & Smooth Praline.

Hotel Chocolat You Crack Me Up Egg

So what has been ultimately axed since I last reviewed it -pretty much just the Orange Praline & the Strawberry Mousse. The others have become kind of hybrid chocolates; I must say I did enjoy the Strawberry Mousse chocolate though so it's sad to see that it's not there anymore. However ultimately the chocolates that are in there are my idea of heaven, as you can see they are predominantly praline based, which is why this egg appeals so much to me!

I can't see there being anything in this egg that wouldn't appeal to people; it's safe, delicious flavours done well. Most likely one of the best eggs I'll review this Easter. Hotel Chocolat knock one out of the park again.

Taste - 9.5/10 - Heaven, great quality chocolate shells. Delicious chocolates inside, pralines galore!
Texture - 9.2/10 - Chocolate has smooth, rich melt. Pralines are sumptuous and luxurious, nice addition of textural pieces in some of them.
Appearance - 9.5/10 - Presented in a gorgeous looking box, the Smiley Faces are so cute and the chocolate shells are so thick!
Price - 8.1/10 Priced at £27.00 for 400g works out at £6.75 per 100g, which is around 2/3x the price per 100g of some of the larger eggs gracing the supermarket shelves this year. Personally I think it's worth the money and makes a great gift.
Overall - 9/10 - Looking back on the past review I gave this a lower score due to the price; even though it is now £3 more expensive than it was, I believe that my opinion towards quality has changed. It's not just about the weight to price ratio of the chocolate but how good if act it is and this egg is one of the cream of the crop.
WHO FOR?A great egg for kids + adults who are fans of sweeter/non alcoholic chocolates.

In Hotel Chocolat stores or online on their website here/ through the banner on the side.

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