Saturday, 28 March 2015

Lakrids by Johan Bulow Easter Egg

Although Easter Eggs can come in many designs/forms/different varieties of chocolate the majority of them are still similar in the aspect that they are made of a chocolate shell - but what happens if you're looking for something a bit more unusual?

Lakrids Dulce de Leche Easter Egg

I remember a while ago I was at the Specialty Food Fair and came across Lakrids by Johan Bulow, producing a wide variety of liquorice, some of which that was coated in chocolate. As a child I remember hating liquorice, in fact if someone offered me a plain piece of black liquorice now I'm pretty sure I still wouldn't be a massive fan but coating it in chocolate just made it absolutely delicious.

Lakrids Dulce de Leche Easter Egg

Browsing their website recently I noticed they'd brought out a special Easter Egg containing liquorice coated in dulce de leche chocolate, with an addition of liquorice powder and encased in a black crunchy shell with a gorgeous silver dusting. I knew I just had to try it.

The appearance of the product is absolutely stunning, the egg container comes in a gorgeous box and the liquorice balls themselves are lightly dusted in silver powder to give a very sci-fi, modern, sleek look to the whole product. In fact it all looks a bit 'alien spaceship-esque'. Inside you even get 1 individual liquorice ball in flowpack packaging so you can try the product before actually opening the egg itself.

Lakrids Dulce de Leche Easter Egg

The taste is delicious, the dulce de leche chocolate delivers the best flavour I've tried from a caramelised chocolate, with a lovely rich caramel flavour, slightly reminiscent of what tablet tastes like, then there is the liquorice in the centre, wonderfully chewy and easy to eat. The flavour of the liquorice is definitely there but it's flavour is balanced by the sweeter chocolate making for a creamier/sweeter eat compared to a bitter liquorice eat.

Lakrids Dulce de Leche Easter Egg

If you love liquorice then there's no doubt that you'll enjoy this as the flavour of the liquorice is still prominent; however even if you're not normally a massive liquorice fan (like me) then I reckon there's still a good chance that this could tick all the boxes for you as the flavour is mellowed and blended with a delicious dulce de leche chocolate coating. A really unusual Easter gift if you don't want the classic chocolate egg.

Taste - 8.6/10 - Gorgeous caramel dulce de leche chocolate mellows the liquorice flavour.
Texture - 8.9/10 - Excellent sized pieces, chewy liquorice, thick chocolate coating,  crunchy shell.
Appearance - 9.4/10 - Absolutely stunning, a very futuristic looking Easter gift.
Price - 8.3/10 - £19.95 for 300g is in line with what you would pay for other upmarket Easter gifts.
Overall - 8.8/10 - Excellent, tastes great and looks great.

Liquorice lover or non-liquorice lover - give it a go you will more than likely be pleasantly surprised! Definitely more suited to adults as opposed to children.

Lakrids do have an online website but it works out more expensive due to shipping costs - Harvey Nichols website is where I purchased mine, online here.

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