Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Dairy Milk Oat Crunch

Following in the footsteps of the Dairy Milk Lu & Ritz the latest addition to this range is the new Dairy Milk Oat Crunch, a 30g bar consisting of "milk chocolate with 2 biscuits sprinkled with oat flakes". It's marketed as a kind of mid-morning snack you'd have; almost like a breakfast biscuit  to tide you over until lunch time. I guess this is a more "chocolatey" replacement to the likes of Belvita etc.

Cadbury Oat Crunch  

At only 150kcals per bar it's certainly nothing to feel too guilty about, but not being a massive fan of breakfast biscuits and never eating them I was sceptical as to whether I would enjoy this bar or not. The bar can easily be broken into 2 if you decide that you want to either a)share it or b)eat one half now and save the other half for later. However personally I think the bar was pretty small in itself and can't see anyone who would want to break it in half and eat it in 2 lots!

Cadbury Oat Crunch

The oat biscuit snaps cleanly in half with a good decent filling of Cadbury Dairy Milk that runs through the centre and also around the outside; it's nice to see that actual Dairy Milk chocolate has been used as opposed to a cheaper Cadbury's chocolate as you can definitely notice the classic creamy Dairy Milk flavour cutting through the more savoury/sweet oat biscuit.

Cadbury Oat Crunch
The biscuit has a nice crisp bite to it and provides a nice wheaty flavour to the overall eat; whilst the Dairy Milk chocolate filling is just the right thickness to provide a chocolate hit. Would I buy this if I fancied a chocolate bar? No definitely not, I don't think it has enough of that indulgent feel and for me is definitely more of a biscuit than a chocolate treat. Albeit this is exactly what it is supposed to be and if you're looking for a mid-morning breakfast snack with that slight hint of chocolate then I suppose this fits the bill. Not the most exciting of products I've seen from Cadbury but then I suppose I'm not the target market here.

Taste - 5.0/10 - Nothing ground breaking but nothing dreadful either, a nice hearty oat biscuit and the classic creamy, sweet flavour of Cadbury Dairy Milk. Definitely more biscuit than chocolate though.
Texture - 6.7/10 - Nice, crunchy biscuit.
Appearance - 6.3/10 - Pretty standard.
Price - 5.2/10 - Priced at 58p for a single or £1.49 for a 3 pack this makes them quite a bit more expensive than other products they are looking to compete with, considering each bar is only 30g. I guess it's a bit more of an 'up-market' breakfast biscuit what with the addition of the Dairy Milk chocolate.
Overall - 5.8/10 - An alternative mid-morning snack if you're a breakfast biscuit eater; I can't see the appeal but am sure that many will.
WHO FOR?For anyone looking for something a bit more 'chocolatey' for their mid-morning snack without all the calories. Definitely suited to those who are breakfast biscuit fans.

Available in most retailers.

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