Monday, 13 April 2015

Green & Black's Organic Milk Chocolate Butterscotch Egg

I remember as a child purchasing a Cadbury's Mini Egg Easter Egg that had tiny Mini Eggs throughout the shell of the Easter egg - I loved it; in fact I was devastated when it seemingly disappeared from supermarket shelves. I think  having inclusions actually running through the shell of the egg makes for a more exciting eat, I was therefore interested when I saw that Green & Black's Butterscotch Egg actually had crunchy toffee pieces dotted throughout the shell!

Green & Black's Butterscotch Easter Egg

Weighing in at 165g and adorned with Green & Black's Organic on the shell, it's a pretty chunky, thick egg and breaking into it you can see the little raised areas where it is flecked with butterscotch/toffee pieces.

Green & Black's Butterscotch Easter Egg

Made with 37% cocoa solids it is quite a deep milk chocolate, if you've tried Green & Black's before you'll know what I mean, it certainly isn't a particularly milky eat and has a richer, deeper cocoa flavour, much more suited to the older palette I believe.

Green & Black's Butterscotch Easter Egg

The butterscotch pieces add a nice textural crunch to the egg, which I think makes it more suitable for chewing than letting melt in the mouth, otherwise you do end up with slightly scratchy bits left in the mouth. However unlike other sweeter Easter eggs I think you only need a few pieces of this to be satisfied due to the richer nature of the chocolate.

Green & Black's Butterscotch Easter Egg

As many of you will be aware Green & Black's is also made using organic & Fairtrade ingredients, so once again a chocolate you can feel good about eating.

Taste - 6.9/10 - I prefer my milk chocolate creamier/milkier compared to Green & Black's 37% blend of milk chocolate; I know however many people absolutely love this richer flavour.
Texture - 7.2/10 - The addition of the butterscotch pieces added a nice textural contrast - since Green & Black's are now owned by giants Mondalez, the same company as Cadbury's all I can say is - do the same with the Mini Egg Easter egg - bring it back!!
Appearance - 7/10 - Simplistic and sophisticated.
Price - 6.0/10 - Priced at ~£6.00 in various supermarkets for 165g I think there's possibly better options this Easter.
Overall - 6.8/10 - If you're a fan of the blend of chocolate that Green & Black's use then you'll love this egg as it's most certainly satisfying and chunky; if you prefer a creamier eat though then I would look elsewhere.
Chocolate more suited to the older palette I believe who prefer a richer, robust milk chocolate eat.

Available in various retailers/supermarkets.


  1. this is by far my most favourite chocolate easter egg ;o)

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