Sunday, 17 May 2015

Cadbury Dairy Milk Puddles Mint

Having previously reviewed the Cadbury Dairy Milk Puddles Hazelnut variety and being disappointed I was hoping that the mint version would fair better; I was slightly less dubious about this offering - liquid mint/mint crèmes naturally work a lot better than hazelnut in liquid format!

Cadbury  Dairy Milk Puddles Mint   

I've tried Cadbury's Australian Mint Crème filled block before and was thoroughly impressed with it and hoped that this bar  could be executed just as well. The format of the bar is quite different; as described previously the bar is not in a block format but consists of a thin layer of Dairy Milk chocolate dotted with 'puddles' filled with a smooth liquid mint filling.

Cadbury  Dairy Milk Puddles Mint

Breaking into one of the puddles the colour of the filling isn't the most appetising, with an odd tint of green, the flavour however is a lot better with the pairing of the refreshing mint and the creamy Dairy Milk chocolate going really well together. The mint flavour certainly lends itself a lot better to the liquid format.

Cadbury  Dairy Milk Puddles Mint

The Dairy Milk chocolate surrounding the 'puddles' was slightly tainted with mint flavour throughout and with it being thinner melts a lot quicker in the mouth than a standard cube of Dairy Milk would.

My real qualm however comes with the format of the bar; I get where Cadbury have tried to go and I applaud them for bringing some new innovative NPD out; rather than just sticking these fillings in a standard block. However I just don't think it's particularly satisfying; if the mint filling had just been put into a standard block, like the Australian version or if the surrounding chocolate had been made thicker, then I would probably be more inclined to purchase it, it would be more satisfying and probably better value for money as at 90g this bar doesn't really offer the best value compared to other Cadbury products.

Cadbury  Dairy Milk Puddles Mint

Nevertheless its still a really tasty bar and definitely has more going for it than the hazelnut version; if I fancied something minty then I would probably pick it up as an impulse buy, I don't however think it's a bar of chocolate you would keep in the cupboard to last you over a period of a few days.

Taste - 8.3/10 - Light minty filling pairs well with the creamy Dairy Milk chocolate.
Texture - 7.7/10 - The liquid mint texture works a lot better than it did with the hazelnut!
Appearance - 6.4/10 - I'm still not a massive fan of the bar format and the green centre is slightly off putting.
Price -6.5/10 - Is a nicer bar than the hazelnut version; however at £1 on offer and £1.49 regularly for 90g I think other Cadbury products offer better value for money.
Overall - 7.2/10 - A nice enough bar that I would probably purchase now and again for something a bit different. A mint chocolate offering was definitely a needed gap fill for Cadbury.
WHO FOR?Mint chocolate lovers!

All major retailers.

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