Friday, 5 June 2015

Milkybar Milk & Cookies (UK)

I previously reviewed the Australian version of this bar here virtually a year ago; I quite enjoyed it at the time with it being far favourable compared to Hershey's offering. It is now available in the UK as a standard bar; although the only place I've seen it so far is Asda.

Milky Bar Milk & Cookies Bar

The bar is pretty much the same in terms of it's make up; Milkybar white chocolate studded with cookie pieces, these are dark cookie chunks as in the biscuit that would make up an Oreo. However unlike it's Australian brother the design of the bar itself is slightly different, with sleek looking curved pieces as opposed to the standard block format.

Looking back on my original review I wrote that I would most likely pick up a block of this if it readily became available in the UK and eating it again (from memory it virtually tastes identical - obviously to do a full comparison I would need to taste them side by side) I can see why; it's creamy and sweet, standard Milkybar chocolate base but the dark cookies pieces help to take the edge off the sweetness and add a nice textural crunch to the bar.

Milky Bar Milk & Cookies Bar

Of course it is sweet, but personally I think it's nicer than a plain bar of white chocolate and offers something a bit different, you can still savour the bar and let it melt as the cookie pieces aren't too intrusive, or you can nibble and crunch away at it - although this does mean that it normally disappears a lot faster!

Milky Bar Milk & Cookies Bar

I paid £3.50 for 80g of the Australian bar, this was priced at 98p for 118g at Asda making it an absolute steal! I hope it sticks around here.

Taste - 7.4/10 - As per the Australian bar, creamy & sweet, but not cloyingly so.
Texture - 8.0/10 - Good distribution of cookie chunks, add a nice textural crunch.
Appearance - 8.4/10 - Preferred the sleeker format of this bar to the Australian version.
Price- 9.3/10 - Superb value!
Overall - 8.3/10 - A nice brand extension from Milkybar, would like to see some other new versions in the future.
White chocolate lovers! Can imagine this would be a favourite with the younger market.

I've only seen this in Asda so far.

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  1. I still haven't tried this but your review makes me want to! I usually find milky bar overly sweet nowadays but this sounds a bit better.