Thursday, 9 July 2015

Aero Mousse Bar

I've seen quite a few reviews of the new Aero Mousse bar floating around recently and none of them have really been singing its praises; I must admit when I read about it, it didn't massively excite me - Aero is quite a light bubbly bar anyway that I thought that the mousse layer would be virtually indistinguishable.

Nestle Aero Mousse Chocolate Bar

My first qualm - the bar gives its nutritionals for 1/2 bar - who on earth would eat half a bar of chocolate this small?! (And yes it is pretty tiny). Cutting a bubble in half you can barely see the difference between the mousse layer and the standard Aero bubble layer, popping one into your mouth you are met with pretty much exactly the same experience as if you were just eating a standard Aero bar. You get a slightly softer texture at first from the mousse layer, but all in all it tastes and feels pretty much the same.

Nestle Aero Mousse Chocolate Bar

Now, don't get me wrong - I don't think this is a bad bar, if it didn't sit on shelf next to a product that is virtually identical then it would be tasty enough, but I don't see the point in having this and having a standard milk chocolate Aero. There's so many more exciting flavours they could have - caramel; hazelnut, strawberry, just anything that is a bit more exciting than this! Especially when you see some of the varieties other countries get.  A bit of a let down from the NPD side I think.

Taste - 5.5/10 - It's nice enough on its own but there is virtually no difference between this and a standard Aero bar.
Texture - 4.5/10 - Mousse is a textural let down.
Appearance - 6/10 - Layers are indistinguishable.
Price 3/10 - Aero weighs in at 40g, Aero Mousse is 34g and currently Aero Mousse is more expensive - a bit of a rip off I think!
Overall - 4.75 - A major let down.
Erm..just go buy a regular Aero, you get more for your money!

Most major supermarkets/retailers.

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