Monday, 27 July 2015

Cadbury Astros

Cadbury Astros were first launched in 1997 in the UK, Canada and South Africa. I remember having them as a child; not quite a chocolate, not really a biscuit but something in between, almost like a crispy M&M. Eventually they were discontinued in the UK and I haven't thought about them for years; they weren't one of the chocolates that I looked back on and think "I really miss that" and they completely slipped my memory. That was until I came across this Buzzfeed post a few months ago and memories were brought flooding back. There was also another post complete with only chocolate throwback items which unfortunately I can't find now but it was filled with memories of chocolate bars I miss slighly more - for example the Cadbury's Snowflake, Mars Delight, Milky Bar Munchies..etc etc.

Cadbury Astros

 Anyway seeing this post reminded me briefly of Astros and then I quickly forgot about them again; until recently I was browsing eBay for alternative foreign chocolate (one of my favourite past times) and they popped up again for a pretty reasonable price (they're still sold in South Africa), so I thought hey ho, I'm going to give them a go and see whether they live up to the nostalgic memories I have of them from childhood.

Cadbury Astros

They're described as candy and chocolate coated biscuit bites and are branded as a kind of space themed chocolate snack, the innards of the box weighed ~40g and you get a decent amount of  'Astros' with them all being quite small and I found that they were quite good for nibbling away at and lasted a decent length of time.

However my positives kind of end there; yes the texture is quite nice, the crispy shell and the lightly crunchy biscuit but I didn't really think they tasted of particularly much - there certainly wasn't anything to distinguish these as being Cadbury's chocolate..or really very chocolatey at all; they kind of just taste like a sweet biscuit thing that you may use as possibly a cake decoration. I can now see why they were discontinued in the UK as to be honest they're pretty boring and don't massively satisfy any chocolate craving you may have.

Cadbury Astros
I'm glad I bought them again as a nice nostalgic blast to the past but I certainly won't be repeat purchasing them.

Taste - 3.0/10 - Not very 'chocolatey' or indulgent at all. Just sweet.
Texture - 6.7/10 - I quite enjoyed the texture of them, light, crispy and crunchy.
Appearance - 6.8/10 - Quite like the branding of the box, the 'Astros' are a good size.
Price - 6.0/10 - I paid £1.10 on eBay for these.
Overall - 5.6/10 - Unfortunately a bit of a let down.
Anyone wanting to live nostalgic childhood memories.

WHERE TO BUY? I bought these through eBay through a seller called 'The South African Shop' this is their actual site here.

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