Thursday, 23 July 2015

Nestle Aero Strawberry

I've come to the conclusion that I am quite partial to the combination of strawberry + milk chocolate together and that it is in fact the sickly sweet texture and cloying flavour of fruit cremes such as that in Cadbury's Roses that I do not like.

Nestle Aero Strawberry  

What with the release of the seemingly boring Aero Mousse bar review, I really wanted to give this Canadian Strawberry Aero a go, apparently there was also a caramel version released but I couldn't see this on Cyber Candy's website - where I bought the strawberry variety.

Nestle Aero Strawberry

The bar is 95g and consists of an aerated strawberry flavoured white chocolate centre with a milk chocolate coating; the rounded style bubble pieces easily break apart and when eaten have that lovely bubbly texture which easily melts in the mouth and is incredibly moreish to eat.

The flavour is spot on; a light, refreshing strawberry flavour which reminded me of the strawberry mousse chocolate that Thorntons do. It wasn't sickly sweet and paired well with the milk chocolate coating, I think if done with white chocolate this could have been a bit too much.

Nestle Aero Strawberry

I was thoroughly impressed with this bar and it really made me wish that Nestle UK NPD would step up their game with other unusual Aero varieties they could release.

Taste - 8.7/10 - Really good, light, fruity strawberry flavour and creamy milk chocolate.
Texture - 9.0/10  - Lovely, bubbly, aerated texture that easily breaks down in the mouth.
Appearance - 8.0/10 - Looks good, liked the format of the bar.

Price - 7.2/10 - £3.79 for an imported bar is'nt too bad.
Overall - 8.3/10 - A tasty, more unusual variety of Aero to enjoy.
WHO FOR?Anyone looking for a fun chocolate bar that offers something a bit different to the boring Aero varieties available in the UK!

WHERE TO BUY?I got mine online at Cyber Candy here.

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