Saturday, 11 July 2015

Snickers & Hazelnut

I remember this Snickers & Hazelnut bar being out quite a while ago but I never got around to trying it; odd since I'm a massive lover of hazelnuts! Anyway when I saw it on shelves this time round I knew I definitely had to give it a go.

Snickers & Hazelnut

Opening it up and even feeling it in the packaging it felt a lot smaller to me than Snickers used to be - does anyone else feel this?! Anyway the Snickers & Hazelnut is pretty much just like a regular Snickers albeit hazelnuts are included in the top caramel section with the peanuts; however peanuts make up 17% of the bar, whilst hazelnuts only occupy a measly 5.6%! Not very "hazelnutty" if you ask me - personally I think it would have been good if they'd flavoured the nougat of hazelnut as well.

Anyway cutting a cross section of the bar you can see that there's still a good amount of nuts in the top layer of the bar (ahem..peanuts..ahem) and I was worried that you wouldn't be able to detect much of the hazelnut flavour.

Snickers & Hazelnut

Thankfully the hazelnut flavour still makes it way through the bar, albeit subtly, but it does make a nice change from the standard Snickers bar and I would probably buy it over the regular version as I feel it adds something additional to the range - unlike the Aero Mousse bar that was reviewing previously!

Nevertheless to call this 'hazelnut' I really think it needs to pack more of a hazelnut flavour punch - more hazelnuts? Hazelnut flavoured nougat? Who knows but with hazelnuts only making up 5.6% of the 49g bar this only equates to ~3g!!

Taste - 7.2/10 - Not bad, still tasty, but would definitely have liked a lot more hazelnut flavour.
Texture - 8.2/10 - The usual chewy, crunchy, satisfying Snickers texture.
Appearance - 7.1/10 - Just looks like a standard Snickers bar really, nothing out of the ordinary.
Price- 7.5/10 - Affordable enough, can range from 40-65p depending on where you purchase it from.
Overall - 7.5/10 - A nice change from the regular Snickers bar.
Snickers lovers!

Most retailers/newsagents.

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