Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations Rocky Mallow Road

I heard quite a while ago that Cadbury were going to be discontinuing some of their Marvellous Creations lines; I immediately stocked up on the Jelly Popping Candy bars, the only one that I thoroughly enjoy enough to repeat purchase. As I saw things change on the supermarket shelves however it came to my attention that this was the only bar in fact that wasn't getting discontinued; it was "bye bye" to Cookie Nut Crunch and Banana Caramel Crisp and "hello" to Rocky Mallow Road.


The larger bar has also been changed into a new "smashables format" - I'm not sure exactly what this will entail as I only purchased the smaller impulse bar as I didn't want to be left with a large bar of chocolate that I didn't enjoy.

The bar is the classic Dairy Milk base and I'm sure we all know what that is meant to taste like now; however there are also strawberry  flavour jellies, marshmallows and shortcake biscuit in the bar. It's certainly jam packed full of mix ins; in fact it felt like I was eating a chocolate biscuit rather than chocolate with biscuit in. Not really what I want from a chocolate bar....and then there's the marshmallows and jellies.

The thing I like about Jelly Popping Candy is that the jellies do not detract from the flavour of chocolate but enhance it; however in this bar the whole thing just tastes of strawberry!! It's like eating a strawberry flavoured chocolate bar with the odd bit of biscuit crunch and extra sweetness shot from the marshmallows. I recently said that I infact quite enjoyed strawberry chocolates if they weren't strawberry cremes; I now modify this statement...I neither like strawberry chocolate bars. Personally I think this bar would have been way better with 1) smaller biscuit pieces and 2) subtler flavoured jellies. I can see this maybe being a big hit with kids but not one for me unfortunately.

Taste - 3.9/10 - It just tasted of sweet strawberry.
Texture - 4.0/10 - Some might like the amount/size of biscuit in this but it made me feel more like I was eating a chocolate biscuit; there's also a slight chewiness from the jellies.
Appearance - 6.0/10 - Looks fun enough; biscuit pieces are too large in my opinion.
Price - 5.5/10 - Priced in line with the other chocolate bars; personally I'd prefer something else.
Overall - 4.9/10 - May as well call it Cadbury Strawberry Biscuit Bar.

If you love strawberry chocolate!! Or probably this jam packed bar would be a hit with kids.

All major retailers should stock this now.

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  1. I will have to look out for that one ;o)

    I like the jelly popping candy one too ;o)