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Cadbury Milk Tray 100 Year Anniversary Box

It has been absolutely years since I had a box of Milk Tray, in fact I can't remember the last time I had a box, it must have been well before Mondalez took over Cadbury, but I do remember that I rather enjoyed them, so when I was sent a huge box of them from the Cadbury PR team I was hoping to relive nostalgic memories - albeit with a few new additions.    

Cadbury Milk Tray

Cadbury Milk Tray

To mark the 100 year anniversary Cadbury have included 3 new chocolates within the Milk Tray Box : Apple Crunch, Salted Caramel Charm & Truffle Heart. There are then the regular features : Hazelnut Swirl, Surprise Parcel, Orange Truffle, Strawberry Temptation, Perfect Praline, Caramel Softy & Fudge Duet.

Cadbury Milk Tray

Surprise Parcel
- A white chocolate truffle wrapped in milk chocolate
Although the Surprise Parcel isn't marked as new I've never actually tried this one before; safe to say I wasn't missing out on much as this was dire. The filling is hardly truffle-esque but a thick waxy paste and well, it didn't really taste of anything.

Hazelnut Swirl - Whole roasted hazelnut in a whirl of milk chocolateI quite like this chocolate in Cadbury Roses so I was expecting something similar; I don't know whether it's just that the chocolate previous I'd tried was so bad but this didn't taste the same, in fact it didn't taste like Cadbury's chocolate at all, the texture was really waxy and not particularly pleasant. It wasn't as bad as the previous, but still, not what I was expecting. Also my family ate the other hazelnut swirls in the box and found that 2/4 didn't even have a hazelnut in!!

Cadbury Milk Tray

Apple Crunch -
Apple flavour white chocolate truffle with cinnamon crunch
I was quite excited about this one; apple isn't a flavour that's often used in chocolate and I'm quite partial to cinnamon, this wasn't as bad as the surprise parcel but its certainly not amazing, a pleasant-ish apple flavour with subtle cinnamon, but again the texture of the truffle was like a waxy paste. This could have been so good if executed better.

Orange Truffle - Milk chocolate truffle with an orange twist
I used to absolutely love this chocolate back in the days so I was really looking forward to having it back in my life, unfortunately this excitement was short lived, as again it was really disappointing and had an awful waxy texture.

Cadbury Milk Tray
Salted Caramel Charm -
Chewy caramel with a touch of salt enrobed in smooth milk chocolate
Firstly this is a verrrry chewy caramel; more like a toffee, so it wasn't going to be my favourite for me from the offset as I don't like toffee. Secondly I have very mixed feelings about the level of salt in it; the first one I tried was ridiculously salty, so much it was unpleasant, one of my family members then tried one and said it didn't taste of salt at all, so I had a nibble of that one and agreed, yes, it didn't taste of salt. What's going on?! Still at least there's no waxy chocolate centre in this one.
Strawberry Temptation
- Delicious real strawberry fondant covered in milk chocolateAgain I quite enjoyed this one last time I had them (many a year ago) and remember it being far superior to Roses Strawberry Cream; now it makes Roses look like the cream of the crop. What on earth is "real" about this?! It was quite possibly the worst strawberry chocolate I have ever tasted; the inside was ridiculously sweet and tasted extremely medicinal (and not in a nice Calpol way).

Cadbury Milk Tray

Perfect Praline
- Hazelnut praline encased in a milk chocolate gemTo call this a "perfect praline" is blasphemy, this is by no means a praline but a waxy mess of sweetness. That's all that can really be said on the matter.

Caramel Softy - Milk chocolate matched with its caramel sweetheart
This was one of the slightly better chocolates in the box but still wasn't massively enjoyable; the smooth liquid caramel centre was sickly sweet, but again at least it wasn't a mass of waxy chocolate.

Cadbury Milk Tray

Fudge Duet
- Vanilla flavour fudge covered with milk chocolateProbably the only chocolate in the box I enjoyed and to be fair, it's not even really a chocolate, this is the same fudge that's used in Marvellous Mix Ups with Maynards and I really like that so I knew this was going to be ok. A smooth, sweet, fudge, with thankfully not too much chocolate coating it!! Probably what makes it good.

Truffle Heart - Smooth chocolate truffle, locked in a milk chocolate heartThis was said to be "new" but I'm sure this has definitely been floating around in the past and when I bit into it I definitely knew it had; this seems as if it's the same style truffle used in the "Thank You" chocolates that Cadbury made, which I remember being utterly horrendous. The same can be said here, this doesn't taste of chocolate, it tastes of sweet wax. Oh dear me.

I have to say that overall I was so, so disappointed with this box of Milk Tray and would go as far as to say that it was one of the worst boxes of chocolates I've ever had, what has happened to Cadbury?! Mondalez have ruined Milk Tray, they no longer even taste of proper chocolate and looking at the back on the ingredients list its no wonder why they taste so bad with sugar and vegetable fats being the top 2 ingredients. Yack.

Taste - 1.5/10 - The only one I enjoyed was the fudge; the rest were awful and I actually spat quite a few of them out.
Texture - 1.5/10 - If you like eating wax then you'll love these....
Appearance - 6.4/10 - They look fine enough, just don't put them in your mouth.
Price - 1.2/10 - £12.99 RRP for 530g chocolates works out at £2.45 per 100g, dreadful value for money.
Overall - 2.7/10 - Awful, they only look slightly appealing and everyone knows you shouldn't judge a book by its cover or in this a chocolate by its exterior. 100 years and look what's happened.
Unless you enjoy eating wax then please don't buy these.

Most major retailers.

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  1. I agree wth everything you said abut these; absolutely awful waxy chocolates, what have Cadbury done to them?! The fudge was the only one I liked too. I wonder if Irish Cadburys milk tray is better as their Dairy Milk tastes much nicer than ours...