Saturday, 22 August 2015

Galaxy Duet Bars : Cookies & Cream + Caramel & Shortcake

Galaxy recently unveiled a new chocolate bar format with 2 new bars in the impulse category;  consisting of 2 sticks each containing a different filling - one filled with biscuit pieces of some sort and one softer filling. In all honesty I think it's a pretty nice idea; it's good to see some NPD from Mars that isn't just a relaunched "Mars Triple Chocolate" or "Snickers More Nuts". I do wish however they had been more daring with their flavours.  We already know what Galaxy Caramel tastes like and Galaxy still sell an Orange & Shortcake bar. Cookies & Cream is slightly different but still not the most exciting thing to have ever been launched.

Cookies & Cream


Eating these bars made me twitch slightly; it's like seeing someone bite into a Kit-Kat without snapping off a stick, it's enough to give me palpitations. It feels so wrong to take a bite out of the two sticks together; it feels they should be snapped off individually and eaten separately - which I guess you could do, but that's not really the point of the bar. The whole point is that you get both fillings at once yet encased in a separate chocolate shell.

If I could use one word to describe this bar it would probably be "average";  you've got the classic richer Galaxy chocolate eat but I'm not sure whether it was just me but the "cream" section didn't really taste of anything, it was sweet and bland; the cookie section offered a nice textural crunch to the bar and the pieces were small enough that they weren't intrusive in the bar. Overall though nothing particularly special and I wouldn't purchase it again.

Caramel & Shortcake
I know what Galaxy Caramel tastes like and I'm quite partial to it now and then; the caramel is smoother and freer flowing that Cadbury's Caramel and feels more indulgent in the rich creamy Galaxy chocolate. The shortcake pieces; like the cookie pieces added a nice textural crunch and were small enough that they weren't intrusive to the bar and still let the chocolate be the star of the show.

I preferred this bar to the Cookies and Cream version; I just think it has more going for it - but ultimately it's nothing particularly exciting either. Also both bars seemed to be tiny!! I swear chocolate bars shrink by the day. Either way graced with these in the chocolate aisle it's unlikely I'd pick either up again. There's nothing different/exciting enough about them.

Taste  - 6.0/10
- Not inherently bad but didn't set my pulse racing.

Texture - 7.2/10  - Nice contrast between smooth/biscuit. Biscuit pieces are a great size.
Appearance-  6.5/10 - The idea of the bar is quite nice; however eating it makes me feel slightly..funny..
Price - 5.8/10 - Priced in line with other impulse chocolate bars I don't think these are particularly that good value for money.
Overall - 6.4/10 - I don't think these will last particularly long.
Think this seems more like a woman's chocolate bar. Lovers of Galaxy.

Most major retailers.

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