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NelleUlla Non Alcoholic 9 Piece Truffle Selection

It was recently my birthday and I'd had my eye on these chocolates for quite a while and subtly hinted that I would quite like them if anyone was looking for ideas; however no one bought me them so I decided to order them myself. Nordic food is quite on trend at the minute and these chocolates, made in Latvia, deem their chocolates to be 'from the forest' using foraged ingredients. Apparently their name translates to 'a golden light, glow and power'. Let's hope the chocolates lived up to the name.
NelleUlla Non Alcoholic 9 Piece Truffle Selection    

  I opted for the Non Alcoholic 9 Piece Truffle Selection (as I'm not really a fan of alcohol in chocolate), this contained 9 different truffles : Pistachio Truffle, Apricot Truffle, Balsamic Wild Berry Truffle, Mascarpone Raspberry Truffle, Bitter Chocolate Truffle, Sea-buckthorn Truffle, Almond Truffle, Liquorice Raspberry Truffle & Gingerbread Truffle.

NelleUlla Non Alcoholic 9 Piece Truffle Selection
All of the truffles are fairly big in size and looked gorgeous, I've taken some of the description from the website (sounds quite whimsical).

NelleUlla Non Alcoholic 9 Piece Truffle Selection

Apricot Truffle
- Light and fresh like a summer’s day. Carefree edge of a skirt in a breeze. Caught by Northern maidens and set in a white chocolate skin. True and playful truffle.
This truffle possessed quite a subtle overall flavour; with a white chocolate outer shell rolled in freeze dried apricot with a smooth coulis like centre. It wasn't too sweet at all and had a lovely light mellow fruity flavour.

Balsamic Wild Berry Truffle - Richly refreshing and cool. Like dancing shoes kicked off at daybreak. Truthful and joyous.

Quite the opposite of the apricot truffle in terms of packing much more of a flavour punch; with an intense sharp fruity flavour with the balsamic adding an extra kick.  Wrapped in dark chocolate and decorated with freeze dried raspberries and bilberries it provided a much more bitter eat, yet was still quite refreshing due to the fruity centre.

NelleUlla Non Alcoholic 9 Piece Truffle Selection

Sea-buckthorn Truffle -
Silver moonlight and Northern lights. Like cool early summer nights, like cornflower fields. Sweet sour, beautiful sea-buckthorn is this truffle.
I was really intrigued to try this truffle; sea buckthorn is something I've never seen used in a chocolate and in all honesty I wasn't even all that sure what it was! According to out friend Google it is a type of plant and is commonly used for medicinal purposes! This truffle was coated in white chocolate with a sea-buckthorn filling decorated with cornflower leaves. Pretty unusual if you ask me, but it works really well! Once you get past the slight 'leafy' texture on the outside the overall flavour and combination works; slightly sweet with a hint of sour with gorgeous creamy white chocolate.

Gingerbread Truffle - Like a warm breath on a frozen window. Sweet and peppery, wrapped in chocolate. A little wild thing, our close gingerbread truffle. Compared to the other truffles this one had quite a different interior texture; rather than being smooth, runny and 'coulis' like, this one had much more of a classic, rich, truffle texture. Almost praline like. The flavour overall was gorgeous, with just the right level of spice, it was warming and delicious and tasted exactly like eating chocolate gingerbread. Quite rich and intense I don't think you could eat multiple ones of this, but it helped to break things up in the box and turned out to be one of my favourite chocolates.

NelleUlla Non Alcoholic 9 Piece Truffle Selection

Almond Truffle -
Wild, rich and slightly prickly. Just like the wild Northern maidens. Untamed and authentic truffle.
Pretty much heaven in a chocolate, coated in dark chocolate I thought it would be too bitter for me, I normally prefer my nut chocolates cast in milk. However it was utterly gorgeous; a smooth, creamy, rich almond filling with a great overall nut flavour with California almond chips providing a lovely textural contrast. Couldn't fault it.

Pistachio Truffle - Captivating and delicate like the shine on a Northern maiden’s satin dress. The subject of dreams and nurtured by hand. True and desirable is this truffle.A dark chocolate shell filled with a pistachio cream, this truffle reminded me of a gorgeous jar of pistachio cream that I'd pick up when I was on holiday in Rome a few years ago. It was meant to also be decorated with pistachio nuts, but it appeared that my truffle had lost a few along the way, as it looked quite bare! However this didn't detract from how good a chocolate it was, heavenly, rich and creamy, with a really good pistachio flavour.

NelleUlla Non Alcoholic 9 Piece Truffle Selection

Mascarpone Raspberry....or was it Cranberry - It said it was Mascarpone Raspberry on the back of the box but looking at this truffle the centre of it was a pale pink as opposed to the yellow filling the Mascarpone Raspberry Truffle was meant to have, according to the website.
Therefore it made me think it was either a) Cranberry
Tangy and sweetsour. Its wild heart lies in the lap of chocolate sweetness. Like a quiet forest. True and real truffle

Or b) They had changed the colour of the filling of the Mascarpone Raspberry Truffle
Silky delicacy. Like a cloud of mist cut by rays of sunlight. Captured and saved by the Northern maidens. Sensitive and honest truffle.Eating the truffle it had quite an overall delicate flavour with nothing to sharp or intense about it, making me think that it was probably option b). Quite a pleasant mellow truffle, silky smooth and cast in creamy white chocolate.

Liquorice Raspberry - Deep and heartfelt as the morning song of forest birds. Discovered and honed to perfection by the Northern maidens. Excellent and delightful.
Cast in white chocolate with a liquorice cream filling and coated in raspberry powder, this was one of the truffles I was most looking forward to trying. I've become more fond of liquorice flavoured things over the past year of so, although still not massively keen on eating pure black liquorice, I find I quite enjoy the flavour when paired with other things. This was certainly the case here, this truffle has the most gorgeously creamy liquorice flavour with a lovely sharp kick from the raspberry and sweet creaminess from the white chocolate. Perfectly balanced.

NelleUlla Non Alcoholic 9 Piece Truffle Selection

Bitter Chocolate Truffle - Real, true and heartfelt. No illusion or fraud here. It’s exactly as the Northern maidens found it. Refined, real and very desirable. With a dark chocolate cream truffle, dark chocolate and shell and decorated with cacao nibs it was obvious this chocolate was going to be deep, dark and intense. However although described as 'bitter' it thankfully wasn't unpleasantly so; with the creaminess of the truffle adding a nice dairy undertone and the cacao nibs helping to inject some slight sweetness to it. A lot more enjoyable than I actually thought it was going to be.

Overall I couldn't fault these truffles from NelleUlla; they're offering something quite different in the chocolate market yet still executing it to excellent standards. In fact the way they are presented and the general size of them reminded me a bit of how Godiva do their truffles - however NelleUlla's were far superior and offering more unusual flavours.

Taste - 9.7/10 - Really good, well balanced and flavours on point.
Texture - 9.4/10 - Beautiful smooth textures.
Appearance - 8.9/10 - Stunning.
Price - 7.5/10 - I bought this box for £19.99 online at Selfridges; meaning they are quite expensive and work out at over £2 a truffle. However for a gift or something a bit different for yourself they make a nice treat and are worth the money.
Overall - 8.9/10 - A top notch box of truffles. Highly recommend.

WHO FOR?Anyone looking for something a bit different to mainstream chocolate.

WHERE TO BUY?I bought mine online at Selfridges here you can also have a look at NelleUlla's website here.

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