Saturday, 5 September 2015

The Chocolate Smiths Bizarre Bubblegum Sundae Bar

I've quite enjoyed some of The Chocolate Smiths Bizarre bars, normally packed full of filling and flavour I had high hopes for this Bubblegum Sundae bar. Described as "white chocolate with fruity bubblegum and creamy vanilla, topped with sprinkles and a drizzle of butterscotch dark chocolate", it sounded as if it would be right up my street, I'm a huge fan of bubblegum flavoured things, although not particularly "sophisticated" bubblegum ice cream is one of my favourite flavours if done well with its fruity, sweet nostalgic flavour.
    The Chocolate Smiths Bizarre Bar Bubblegum Sundae

From the description  of the bar I expected this to be a white chocolate bar with a creamy bubblegum/vanilla centre with a layer of vibrant, vivid multi-coloured sprinkles gracing the top. My first disappointment came when I opened the bar, I wouldn't say the bar was really "topped" with sprinkles but more kind of swirled through the chocolate and they looked like the cheap pastel style ones that you can pick up in the supermarkets, they could have added so much "pop" and fun to the bar if they were a brightly coloured.

The Chocolate Smiths Bizarre Bar Bubblegum Sundae

Never mind I thought and looked forward to snapping into the bar to see what delightful filling they had included; snap went the chocolate, crisper than I expected, hmm..where is the filling..maybe it's a bit further inside the bar, snap, again no filling. I then realised that there was no filling and that this in fact was a bubblegum flavoured chocolate bar. Second disappointment.

The Chocolate Smiths Bizarre Bar Bubblegum Sundae

Oh well, I thought, it might have a really great flavour, so I popped a cube into my mouth...white chocolate with a teeeeeny tiny hint of bubblegum, not really very much vanilla and an odd crunch from a sprinkle. Third and final huge disappointment. This bar should be jam packed of bubblegum flavour, it should be fun and vibrant and everything that a bubblegum ice cream sundae would offer.

Instead this is more like a vanilla screwball with a bubblegum at the bottom, no fun whatsoever.

Taste - 2.0/10 - No where near strong enough on the bubblegum or vanilla front.
Texture - 2.1/10 - Would have been so much better with a smooth bubblegum flavour where it cold have been the star of the show.
Appearance - 1.5/10 - No filling, sprinkles don't look very fun whatsoever.
Price - 1.9/10  - I think I paid £3.99 for this in Fenwick, compared to some of their other bars and what else you could buy for this amount of money for a 100g bar of chocolate I think it's pretty poor value for money.
Overall - 1.9/10 - If only this had  been executed better.
WHO FOR?I can imagine this would have gone down a treat with kids and big kids alike; unfortunately I don't think it packs the flavour punch it should.

I picked this up at my local Fenwicks, you can also buy it online for £3.70 at The Chocolate Smiths website here.


  1. I'm so glad I didn't bother buying this now. I saw it in fenwicks and really wanted to give it a go but something told me it would be disappointing. I'm kinda wary of the chocolate smiths, so many of their bars sound interesting in theory but maybe not in practice.

    1. I completely agree; the only one I've really enjoyed is their peanut butter bar, all of the others have been slightly underwhelming.