Thursday, 15 October 2015

Marks & Spencer 'The Crazy One'

M&S is an exciting place at the minute, what with all the new Autumn + Christmas products starting to grace the shelves; I noticed however when I was recently in that there were also lots of new chocolate/sweet products that weren't specifically festive related. Some of these new items were these yummy looking 'named' chocolate bars. Each one is 'The _______ One', depending on the ingredients/mix ins used within the chocolate bar.

M&S The Crazy One 

My M&S didn't have all of them in when I went to purchase; so I just purchased the two that were actually on the shelf; one of these was 'The Crazy One' - a milk chocolate bar bursting with butterscotch pieces, toffee popcorn and popping candy. The bar itself actually has a light mousse like truffle filling in which all of these mix ins are stirred in, it is then coated in milk chocolate.

The bar itself was priced at 70p and is just a nice size. The milk chocolate had a wonderful flavour; really creamy, milky/Swiss like and not overly sweet whatsoever. The texture of the mousse like filling was absolutely gorgeous, light and melt in the mouth and hadn't hardened or bloomed so whatsoever; whilst all of the mix ins offered a great textural contrast. Crispy crunch popcorn and butterscotch pieces with a light crackle of popping candy - thankfully it wasn't too intrusive and just a light 'pop'!


I actually ended up enjoying this chocolate bar far more than I thought I was going to; I grabbed one whilst I was out and about for a quick pick me up (hence the ripped wrapping - apologies) and ended up wishing I'd bought a few more for back at home. Really nice, good quality alternative to a standard mainstream chocolate bar.

Taste - 8.7/10 - In terms of the quality of chocolate I couldn't fault it; really creamy, not sickly sweet.
Texture - 9.2/10 - Smooth yet crispy/crunchy. Yet at the same time not obtrusive in terms of size of mix ins.
Appearance - 7.8/10 - Looks nice enough.
Price - 8.2/10 - I think 70p is good value for money; good quality and not going to break the bank.
Overall - 8.5/10 - A really tasty, slightly different (but not too out there) chocolate bar.

If you're looking for something slightly different to your run of the mill impulse chocolate bar.


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  1. Oooh I'm going to have to make a detour to M&S tomorrow I think!