Tuesday, 3 November 2015

M&Ms Candy Corn

I'm quite partial to the various flavours of M&Ms the Americans get; we never seem to get massively interesting flavours over here so when I see unusual flavours I normally snap them up - some are good, some not so good. I knew about this Candy Corn variety for a while but had only ever seen the really big bags of them, so when I was out and about and spotted a regular single serving bag I knew I had to snap it up.

M&Ms Candy Corn  

Candy corn isn't really a big thing in the UK but in the US, so I hear, it's a staple Halloween 'candy'; it's difficult to describe what it tastes like if you've never had it before - almost like a sweet vanilla fudge flavour. The flavour is put into a white chocolate base and then covered in the classic crisp M&M shell, coloured in either yellow, orange or white - the classic candy corn colours.

M&Ms Candy Corn

I was worried that they were going to be really sickly sweet - I mean candy corn is pretty sweet in itself, as is white chocolate. Thankfully they weren't throat burning sweet and actually had a pretty good flavour to them. In terms of doing what they say on the packet they hit the spot with the candy corn flavour - so if you don't like the flavour of that then don't buy them!

M&Ms Candy Corn

However if you are partial to the sweet fudgy flavour that it has to offer then I'd definitely give these Candy Corn M&Ms a go; in fact I'd say I even prefer them to regular candy corn due to the addition of the creamy white chocolate and the nice crisp texture that M&Ms offer.

Taste - 8.3/10 - Taste pretty much just like candy corn; just with a bit of a creamier undertone from the white chocolate.
Texture- 9.0/10 - Classic crisp shell from M&Ms that make them ever so moreish.
Appearance - 9.0/10 - Good size, prefer this compared to the smaller M&Ms we have in the UK.
Price - 8.0/10 - I think I paid around £2.50 for these in an American sweet shop; obviously for one bag of M&Ms it puts it around four times what you would pay for a standard bag in the UK. I guess you pay for novelty though.
Overall - 8.6/10 - This comes second only to my beloved Peppermint M&Ms in terms of different flavours I've tried.

WHO FOR?If you're partial to candy corn, can also imagine these would go down a treat with kids.

I have seen bigger bags of these available on eBay; other than that keep a look out in American sweet shops.

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