Monday, 9 November 2015

Marks & Spencer Spanish Praline Turron Selection

I always get massively excited when new Christmas products start coming in; sometimes I'll wait and give them as ideas for anyone looking to buy me a gift or sometimes I just end up buying them all before hand to enjoy and review before the other indulgences of the festive period. The latter definitely applies here.

As soon as I saw this Praline Turron Selection in M&S I wanted to buy them. Turron is typically a Spanish confection made of honey, sugar and egg white - resembling a nougat; so I was slightly confused as to how these were pralines. On greater research however it appears the name 'turron' can also be given to various other flavoured candies/chocolates sold around the Christmas period; typically rectangular or cake shaped.

Marks & Spencer Spanish Praline Turron Selection    
Priced at £12 you get 8 different praline turron sticks in the  box : Sea Salt and Potato Chip, Crema Catalana, Pistachio, Coconut, Salted Corn, Almond, Coffee and Cookie. All are really substantial and each one is like having an individual chocolate bar, all contain a praline filling of some sort and are coated in either white, milk or dark chocolate.

Marks & Spencer Spanish Praline Turron Selection

Sea Salt and Potato Chip -
'A dark shell hides a modern combination of almond praline with crushed potato chips decorated with sea salt flakes'

This variety was never going to be my favourite in the box, purely due to the fact it was coated in dark chocolate. However it was still absolutely delicious; the chocolate coating isn't so thick that the deeper dark chocolate dominants the eat, but instead adds a nice backdrop to the creamy, nutty almond praline. The crushed potato chips add a lovely textural contrast along with a slight savoury hint. Delicious.

Crema Catalana - 'Under a white chocolate blanket decorated with cinnamon lies a praline flavoured with traditional Crema Catalana'
So crema catalana is pretty much the Spanish version of Creme Brulee; except it can also be flavoured with lemon/orange/cinnamon, in this version I think they have just gone with the cinnamon as I certainly detected no lemon or orange (thankfully). Instead you are just greeted with a gorgeous custard cinnamon spiced praline with an added sweetness from the white chocolate, smooth, melt in the mouth and extremely satisfying.

Marks & Spencer Spanish Praline Turron Selection

Coffee  - 'Beneath a smooth layer of milk chocolate sits a chocolate praline topped with a chocolate coffee bean'
 Some coffee chocolates I love, some I'm not that keen on, it ultimately depends how it has been executed. I must say this was pretty good and certainly lives up to its coffee name as it packed a good flavour punch. Unlike a lot of coffee chocolates this wasn't sickly sweet and actually had quite a bitte back note to it. Like having a cube of chocolate dipped in your black americano.

Coconut - 'A delicious coconut ganache with roasted coconut is enrobed in dark chocolate and decorated with a coconut sliver'
This was probably the only variety I didn't enjoy in the box and a large part of it was probably down to personal preference. I'm not a huge fan of coconut nor of dark chocolate; also this is the only turron that wasn't actually praline based but ganache instead.

Marks & Spencer Spanish Praline Turron Selection

Salted Corn  - 'The traditional Spanish bar snack is re-imagined here in a praline enrobed in milk chocolate'
Salted corn sounds a peculiar flavour but realistically it is just the combination of salty meets sweet again; not too dissimilar in using salt in a salted caramel. Overall I loved this one; loved the nibbly yet smooth texture, the sweet yet salty interior and the creamy milk chocolate to top it all off.

Almond -
'A whole almond decorates this almond praline given bite with roasted almond nibs'

This one is slightly sweeter due to the white chocolate exterior; however the flavour of almond really comes through well; it reminded me of a sweet almond paste I'd bought whilst on holiday in Rome a few  years ago. Again a lovely interior, smooth yet crunchy and thoroughly enjoyable.

Marks & Spencer Spanish Praline Turron Selection

Cookie - 'Beneath a coating of dak chocolate lies a cookie an almond praline topped with chocolate pieces'To be honest I wasn't all that sure what to expect from this one; when I bit into it I actually got quite a surprise that the filling was a light beige colour as opposed to the darker more intense filling I was expecting. This turned out to be a positive as the sweeter, creamier filling provided a nice contrast to the dark chocolate coating, like eating a sophisticated Oreo.

Pistachio - 'A smooth pistachio praline studded with delicate roasted, chopped pistachios decorated with an elegant transfer motif'
This turron definitely stood out in the box with it's gold lustre and sophisticated looking design. It's taste certainly lived up to its visual with a lovely light, delicate pistachio flavour. Just the right level of sweetness and an unbelievable creamy melt.

Overall I thought this Praline Turron Selection was outstanding, both visually and flavour-wise they tick all of the boxes of what a perfect Christmas chocolate gift should be. In all honesty I would have no qualms about buying these again or having someone else buy me them over the festive period. I could quite easily eat the box all over again!

Taste - 9.3/10 - Think they are probably the best M&S chocolate product I've tried; really good flavours.

Texture - 9.1/10 - Smooth, creamy pralines. Nice textural contrasts added in some.
Appearance - 9.1/10 - Visually stunning.
Price - 8.6/10 - At £12 for 8 sticks they work out at £1.50 each; for an elegant looking Christmas gift I think that's pretty good value.
Overall -9/10 - A stunning product.
Would make a great Christmas gift.

Marks & Spencer stores nationwide.


  1. These do look amazing. I'm surprised M&S have made a good product as they've bee so hit and miss lately.

    1. I thought they were top notch here, if you love pralines (like I do) then you can't go wrong haha!

  2. I need to go to M&S now, I love Turrón!