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Godiva Mousse Meringue Chocolates 9pc

The first thing that attracted me to this box of Godiva chocolates was the stunning looking box; it's pink and gold embossed design just looked so elegant and pretty, after that the description of the chocolates tempted me enough to buy them.
Godiva Mousse Meringue Chocolates
A collection of chocolates filled with a 'soft, sumptuous mousse hiding an airy cloud of meringue at its centre'.There are 6 different chocolates in the box : Mousse Meringue Chocolat (2), Mousse Meringue Mandarine Amande, Mousse Meringue Fraise (2), Mousse Meringue Praliné Piemont (2), Mousse Meringue Cafe and Mousse Meringue Citron.

Godiva Mousse Meringue Chocolates

Mousse Meringue Cafe - 'Light, crisp meringue suspended in refined, creamy milk chocolate and coffee mousse, surrounded by a smooth, milk chocolate shell'
Good strong flavour of coffee that is balanced well by the sweeter, creamier milk chocolate. One of the only chocolates where actually the flavour that it's meant to be came through effectively.
Godiva Mousse Meringue Chocolates

Mousse Meringue Chocolat -
'A dark chocolate dream, light, crisp meringue surrounded by creamy 72% dark chocolate mousse and covered in a rich dark chocolate shell'.I tried this one first as I had a feeling I wasn't going to be a massive fan of it; I don't really feel that Godiva executes dark chocolate all that great either - not in their filled chocolate form anyway. The dark chocolate was relatively one dimensional and didn't really offer many different notes to it. However the mousse was light and soft and the meringue offered quite a crisp nice bite to it; this gave me hope for the other chocolates where I hoped the flavour would be executed better.

Mousse Meringue Mandarine Amande  - 'A luscious, creamy mousse made with milk chocolate, mandarin and sweet Valencian almonds conceals a light, crisp meringue, all covered in a smooth, milk chocolate shell'It's not often that you see a praline flavoured with a fruit flavour, but it actually worked really well, as per above the textures of the mousse vs meringue worked really well and the chocolates are a good substantial size with a good thick coating of chocolate. You get a light hint of citrus from the mandarin with a subtle nutty undertone from the almonds all enveloped in a lovely creamy Belgian milk chocolate. Really tasty.

Mousse Meringue Praliné Piemont - 'Light, crisp meringue adds a delightful dimension to our creamy nutty Praliné Piemont mousse filling, complemented perfectly by a smooth, milk chocolate shell'Probably my favourite flavour of the box, but it is my favourite flavour combination of praline. Creamy milk chocolate, I do think the nut flavour could have been stronger however; it wasn't the best praline chocolate I've had.

  Godiva Mousse Meringue Chocolates 

Mousse Meringue Fraise - 'Refreshing, creamy white chocolate and strawberry mousse surrounds light, crisp meringue contrasted by a rich dark chocolate shell'I had high hopes for this one, despite not being a huge fan of strawberry creams I love light strawberry mousse chocolates. I feel that with the description they felt that that 'contrast' between the sweeter white chocolate/strawberry mousse and the dark chocolate would work well together but I actually feel that the mousse centre could have taken a milk chocolate or white chocolate shell better as it wasn't ridiculously sweet and the flavour of the strawberry got lost slightly.

Mousse Meringue Citron - 'Smooth and tangy, our creamy white chocolate and lemon mousse complements the light, crispy meringue, balanced by a silky, white chocolate shell'
The only white chocolate covered mousse in the box, light and refreshing with a good tang to the lemon balanced by the creamy white chocolate. Nice, smooth mousse texture balanced with a good textural crunch from the meringue.

Taste - 6.6/10 - Hit & miss, some were good, some not so good. None were superb enough to make me go "wow".
Texture - 6.5/10 - I like the concept of 'mousse meringue' and the textural contrast of the chocolates is nice, I do feel however that the mousse could have been made a lot lighter and fluffier. To me it felt dense in some of the chocolates.
Appearance - 8.5/10 - Stunning box.
Price -6.6/10 - Priced at £16.00 for 9 chocolates it makes them just under £2 each; not the best value for money but looks pretty enough and tastes good enough to make a good gift.
Overall - 7/10 - Slightly looks over substance, but still a relatively tasty box of chocolates with a nice concept to them.
Would make a stunning gift for a present for someone; if they're still around come Valentine's Day I can imagine they would be ideal for then.

Department stores should stock them - I picked mine up at Fenwick, but you can also purchase online here.

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