Friday, 1 January 2016

M&M's White Peppermint

The amount of packets of these White Peppermint M&M's I've got through in the past couple of years is nobody's business and I'm only getting round to posting up a review now..probably due to the fact that I love them so much I end up eating them all and completely forgetting to photograph them. They're only available in the US over Christmastime so I make sure to stock pile them from eBay; I've actually found a really good seller called sk-destiny who gets all of the limited edition US M&M's and sells them at a really good price, so if you're after any that's where I recommend!

M&M's White Peppermint  

The M&M's are white chocolate and flavoured with peppermint. Now these could have gone wrong a couple of ways, they could have either a) been too sickly sweet, cloying, throat burning, further intensified by a strong peppermint flavour or been b) ridiculously minty in a way that tastes artificial and more like you're eating a breath mint than enjoying a chocolate treat. Thankfully neither of these occurred and if you're a mint chocolate lover, they're probably the closest thing to heaven you will eat.

M&M's White Peppermint

The white chocolate is sweet, but not sickly, the peppermint is just the right strength and adds a light, refreshing eat, you would think after a small handful of these that the pure sugar content in them would make you feel as if you'd had enough, but oh no, the peppermint flavour just refreshes your mouth and makes you want to keep going back for more, handful after handful and then you realise you've eaten the whole 8oz bag...and then you start to feel slightly guilty...but then forget about it because they were THAT GOOD. Like eating the best candy cane you've ever tasted, in white chocolate form.

M&M's White Peppermint
Easily my favourite seasonal chocolate treat and definitely worth stock piling for over the year! If there's any limited edition M&M flavour I suggest you try these are the ones!

Taste - 10/10 - I don't often give things 10/10 but for these, no doubt, utterly yummy!
Texture - 9.4/10 - Good crisp candy shell, like I've stated previously the US M&M's are slightly bigger and thus give a better textural bite.
Appearance - 8.5/10 - Very seasonal looking.
Price - 8/10 - Depending on how many bags you buy on eBay they'll be a slightly different price but roughly ~£6 which makes them just under £3 per 100g. Bargain if you ask me for how good they are and considering they are an American import.
Overall - 9/10  - Easily the best M&M flavour to date.
Anyone that loves mint flavoured things.

eBay sk-destiny

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