Sunday, 14 February 2016

Choc on Choc Buttons : Raspberry Ripple & Chocolate Orage

I reviewed the standard milk chocolate and the salted caramel variety of Choc on Choc buttons a few months ago and here we have the other two varieties in the range, the fruity ones : Raspberry Ripple and Chocolate Orange.

Unfortunately from the offset I knew that the Raspberry Ripple variety, unlike the other three varieties is made with dark chocolate, was unlikely to be a winner from me; down to personal preference : a) I'm not a huge fan of dark chocolate now and b) I really dislike red fruits and chocolate together (unless it is white chocolate).

Choc on Choc Buttons
However I know that the flavour combination of raspberry + chocolate is loved by many - so if you are partial to that flavour combination then I can inform you that these chocolate buttons are likely to be a hit.
Choc on Choc Buttons
The raspberry has a good sharp fruity hit against the dark chocolate; whilst the buttons are once again a good, thick, satisfying size to allow you to fully enjoy the fruity flavours of the dark chocolate as it melts in the mouth.

Choc on Choc Buttons

The Chocolate Orange variety, made with milk chocolate, was definitely much more to my tastes and tasted like a slightly upmarket Terry's Chocolate Orange in terms of flavour; like the other milk chocolate varieties the milk chocolate used has a lovely creamy flavour and is thankfully not too sweet.

Choc on Choc Buttons
The orange flavour is definitely prominent, but is not artificial tasting nor too overpowering. I could have quite easily eaten my way through the whole bag of these.

In terms of personal preference I would always choose the Chocolate Orange variety; however both are executed well and as long as you are purchasing them in accordance with your own personal tastes then I can imagine both would go down a hit in the search for some slightly more upmarket chocolate buttons!

Taste - 6.9/10 - The Raspberry Ripple wasn't to my tastes, but having said that it is still executed well. The Chocolate Orange was gorgeous, perfectly balanced.
Texture - 8.5/10 - Good melt in the mouth texture and thick, satisfying bite.
Appearance 7/10 -  Designed like actual chocolate 'buttons'.
Price - 7.8/10 - £2.99 for a 100g bag.
Overall - 7.6 - A nice, alternative, better quality sharing bag of chocolate.

Anyone looking for a bit more of an upmarket sharing bag.

I haven't seen these in any stores yet but I know that quite a few major retailers - John Lewis, Fenwicks etc stock Choc on Choc so they may pop up there, or you can purchase them on Choc on Choc's website here.

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