Thursday, 4 February 2016

M&Ms Valentine's Day Flavours - Strawberry & Cherry

You've just got rid of all of your Christmas chocolates and here we have a whole new plethora of all of the Valentine's Day and Easter products hitting the shelves. Alas the big UK players in the commercial chocolate market don't seem to be as inventive as their American cousins, as we very rarely see any limited edition products for Valentine's Day from the likes of Cadbury's/Mars/Nestle..etc.

 However thanks to my kind eBay supplier of limited edition M&M flavours I got the chance to try some of the new limited edition flavours that have been launched in the US for the next main chocolate buying occasion.

Both flavours are red fruit based - flavours often associated with Valentine's Day in the form of strawberry and cherry. Both are milk chocolate based and are packaged/decorated with appropriate 'loving' Valentine's Day design. Mr M&M has his rose and Cupid's bow ready!

M&Ms Strawberry

Valentine's M&MsMy first thought on opening these were what lovely pink shades they'd actually chosen for the colour of the M&Ms - 3 different shades: dark pink, a pastel pink and a hot pink colour - they looked very appealing and can imagine they would be great to fill a little cellophane gift bag or to decorate Valentine's baked goods.

Valentine's M&Ms

They had a sweet strawberry aroma and despite my worry that the strawberry flavour wouldn't be prominent against the milk chocolate delivered a really good flavour hit. The flavour is definitely artificial strawberry - I think it's actually quite hard to pull of a natural fruit tasting strawberry flavour in a chocolate, in fact it tasted pretty much exactly like a strawberry cream, without the sickly texture of the cream filling.

Valentine's M&Ms

For me personally this was great, I actually quite like the flavour of strawberry creams but the texture puts me off, so I really enjoyed tucking into these. If you're partial to a strawberry cream here and there then these will definitely tick all of the flavour boxes and aren't as messy/sticky/sickly to eat!

M&Ms Cherry

Valentine's M&Ms
The colouring on the cherry variety definitely wasn't as pretty, with just a deep red and a plum tinge colour and unfortunately the flavour wasn't as strong as the strawberry. The cherry flavour was quite weak compared to that of the strawberry, which I found quite peculiar as normally cherry & chocolate is quite easy to execute as opposed to chocolate/strawberry.

Valentine's M&Ms
My only thinking is that maybe they decided to tone down the overall cherry flavour as sometimes if cherry comes through too strongly it can start to taste quite medicinal...which definitely would have been worse than the more subdued cherry flavour.

Valentine's M&Ms
In all honesty I think they just tasted like a regular chocolate M&M with a tiny hit of something else.

If these were available in the UK then I would probably repeat purchase the strawberry ones, they were really, really good; unfortunately the cherry flavour didn't perform quite as well and although not awful were nothing spectacular.

Taste - 8.4/10 (Strawberry) 6/10 (Cherry) - As highlighted above I think the strawberry provided a much better overall flavour.
Texture - 8.2/10 - Larger size as with all of the US M&Ms, giving a nicer overall bite/texture.
Appearance - 8.1/10 - The colour on the strawberry ones is lovely.
Price -8/10 - Depending on how many packs you buy they range from ~£5-£7ish. Not bad really for an imported product.
Overall - 7.7/10 - Would opt for strawberry over cherry but if you're a sucker for limited edition products then I would recommend trying both!

Would make a nice alternative Valentine's Day gift or to use over the Valentine's Day period. Having said that even after the occasion has passed they're still worth trying.

From eBay seller sk-destiny.

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