Thursday, 31 March 2016

Marks & Spencer Milk Chocolate Cookie Dough Bites

I hope everyone had a good Easter and are making the most of all the reduced chocolate that is leftover - there are certainly some bargains out there.  Anyway now that the Easter reviews are pretty much over its time to kick things off with these new Marks & Spencer Milk Chocolate Cookie Dough Bites.

Marks & Spencer Milk Chocolate Cookie Dough Bites

When I was recently in my local M&S I noticed that were numerous new products around the store, with a lot of the new Spirit of Summer stuff coming in - exciting, but these Milk Chocolate Cookie Dough Bites really caught my eye. Firstly I LOVE cookie dough, the texture, the taste, pretty much everything about it. However attempts to replicate it in a chocolate/candy format, without egg, so far I have found haven't faired well, with having tried some of the American Cookie Dough Bites and being pretty disappointed at the overall artificial feel of them and the rather scary looking ingredients list.

I had a feeling this version from M&S would fair better . After reading the description as 'milk chocolate and dark biscuit crumb with a soft white chocolate and biscuit filling', I wasn't entirely sure what I was going to get, it didn't massively sound like 'cookie dough'. Thankfully I was pleasantly surprised.

Marks & Spencer Milk Chocolate Cookie Dough Bites

The cookie dough pieces are HUGE, you get 140g in the bag and one on average weighs around 10g so they're pretty hefty and you'd probably only need a few at at time, none of these skimpy portions here. The outer chocolate coating has little bits of dark biscuit pieces in it, like what you would expect from that of an Oreo biscuit.

Marks & Spencer Milk Chocolate Cookie Dough Bites

Biting into it the filling is exactly what you would want from a good cookie dough, chewy, sweet with a gorgeous hint of vanilla. If you can imagine what Ben n Jerry's Cookie Dough pieces taste like, then increase them in size a little bit and slather them in chocolate then that's what you're getting here. Perfect. Looking at the back of the pack I was trying to decide what I thought went into the filling to get it to taste so good -  I presume it was white chocolate, biscuits, condensed milk, emulsifiers and various other fats/ingredients to give it that gorgeous texture.

Does exactly what it should - no hint of artificiality, exactly quality, good decent size, perfect for eating out of the bag or using as a topping. Easily the best cookie dough chocolate product I've tried. Now to go back and stock up.....

Taste - 9.4/10 - Exactly what you want from cookie dough, sweet cookie and vanilla smothered in creamy milk chocolate.
Texture - 9.1/10 - Chewy yet soft. Thick chocolate coating.
Appearance - 9.0/10 - Good satisfying size.
Price - 9.0/10 - I can't recall the exact price as I was too excited about purchasing them, I'm pretty sure they were around the £2 mark though. Bargain.
Overall - 9.1/10 - Cookie dough heaven.
WHO FOR?Cookie dough lovers, great for a chocolate snack or to use as a topping.

WHERE TO BUY?M&S stores nationwide.

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