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Marks & Spencer Passion Fruit Double Ganache Chocolate Eggs

One of my favourite Easter chocolate products of all time has to be the Artisan du Chocolate Créme de la Créme eggs I've reviewed them a couple of times on the blog and each time have been blown away with how outstandingly good they are; so when I saw these Passion Fruit Double Ganache Chocolate Eggs in M&S I had an inkling that they might be pretty similar. I know Artisan du Chocolat produce for M&S so I had quite a strong feeling that they may have in fact produced these for them; although of course the recipe may be slightly different I hoped that they would live up to the great quality of the Artisan du Chocolat version.

M&S Passion Fruit Double Ganache Chocolate Eggs

As opposed to the Artisan du Chocolat variety M&S have just gone for one flavour of filling; Artisan du Chocolat normally 'spice' their flavours up a little bit more. For example this year they are doing Tonka White & Passion Fruit and Cardomom White & Orange flavoured eggs, where as M&S's are a white chocolate ganache and a passion fruit ganache - which I can completely understand as they have to need to have more commercial viability and appear more to the masses.

M&S Passion Fruit Double Ganache Chocolate Eggs

There are 6 eggs in the box, 3 dark chocolate shell and 3 milk chocolate shell with a gold splatter design. If my memory serves me correctly they are slightly bigger than the Artisan du Chocolat version and they felt slightly more sturdy. This was reiterated when I actually bit into the egg and found that the chocolate shell was quite a bit thicker - with the chocolate and the filling seeming like two separate entities as opposed to the Artisan du Chocolat version where the chocolate and the filling almost seem to blend into one.

M&S Passion Fruit Double Ganache Chocolate Eggs

Nevertheless the flavour of the chocolate is really good, a nice creamy rich milk chocolate and a deeper, slightly bitter dark. The filling, like the Artisan du Chocolat version, is the real star of the show. A lovely sweet undertone with a tropical tang of passion fruit that just makes for an absolutely gorgeously rich yet refreshing eat. Eating one of these reminded me why I loved these eggs so much in the first place, the ganache was a smooth, creamy texture but it did feel slightly thicker and not as luxuriously smooth as the Artisan du Chocolat version. I wouldn't say they are as good, the overall eat isn't as amazing, but they are still pretty spectacular  and if you had never eaten the Artisan du Chocolat version before or if you just wanted something that was pretty much the same but at a slightly lower price point then I would have no qualms about picking them.  Plus if you don't have an Artisan du Chocolat near you or you don't wish to pay delivery charges then this option is certainly a worthy substitute.

Taste - 9.0/10  - Not as good as the Artisan du Chocolat version but still pretty darn good considering. Rich chocolate and creamy, zingy ganache.
Texture - 8.8/10 - Smooth and melt in the mouth.
Appearance - 9.5/10 - In terms of visual I do actually think that they look better than the past Artisan Chocolat ones I've reviewed but looking on their website at the moment it does appear they've stepped up their game with regards to visuals on the actual eggs.
Price - 8.9/10 - In terms of value for money I think they offer pretty much the same value as Artisan du Chocolat, they do sit at a lower price point at £8 for 6 eggs which makes them £1.33 an egg, where as Artisan du Chocolat's are £25.00 for 12 which makes them £2.08 an egg. This difference of 75p per egg is reflected in terms of what is offered quality wise. Both however offer excellent value for money in the overall eat of the product.
Overall - 9.1/10 - A delicious more commercially viable option to the Créme de la Créme eggs, that I would certainly have no hesitations about picking up again, but slightly pipped by the Artisan du Chocolat version in terms of flavour and overall eat.
An upmarket version of a Creme Egg they offer a nice alternative to the usual hollow chocolate egg.

Marks & Spencer stores nationwide.

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