Tuesday, 8 March 2016

The Chocolate Smiths Easter Egg Custard Bizarre

It's not often that you see Easter themed chocolate bars, well apart from Cadbury's Spring Edition...but let's be honest there's not all that much exciting about that, normally everything is egg or animal shaped, not usually a standard bar of chocolate 'jazzed up' a little.

Easter Egg Custard Bizarre

The Chocolate Smiths Easter Egg Custard Bizarre bar however is a little bit different to what you would normally get, made up of white chocolate with a custard filling. Now don't get me wrong it does sound quite intriguing but I have no idea what 'Easter Egg Custard' is - what does custard have to do with Easter Eggs and how can the two possibly be related? My only thought on opening the bar and seeing the design like a fried egg is that they've conceptually thought of the yolk of an egg, its yellow, what else is yellow? Oh custard. Hence the Easter Egg Custard bar was born.

Easter Egg Custard Bizarre

Normally with The Chocolate Smiths bars I complain that they are too messy to break up, that the filling isn't securely sealed within the chocolate cube. However I'm in fact going to say the opposite here, that although the chocolate cubes easily snapped off from one another there wasn't anywhere near enough filling.

As you can see from the picture, in which I have scraped out a bit of the chocolate to show the interior, the custard mixture has been deposited length ways down the middle of each chocolate strip. Which ultimately leaves the eat being about 90% chocolate and only 10% custard. I was hoping for a big, gooey, indulgent custard mess to be perfectly honest.

Easter Egg Custard Bizarre

Instead I was met with quite a thick custard paste that reminded me of when you mix up Bird's custard powder and don't add enough water and solid white chocolate. Thankfully the mixture did in fact taste of custard but when paired with the white chocolate it did provide quite a sweet, sickly eat without providing the lovely textural contrast I had hoped for from a smooth, slightly runny custard.

A bit of an odd bar, not so unusual and abhorrent tasting that it would put people off  - if you bought it for someone for an unusual Easter gift I'm sure they would enjoy it, but it's not the ooey, gooey delicious custard filled bar I was hoping for.

Taste - 6.3/10 - Mainly a white chocolate flavour, quite sweet, slightly custard flavour.
Texture - 4.3/10 - Custard was too thick and not enough of it.
Appearance - 6.6/10 - Quite a nice design of the bar and the packaging is pretty with its pastel colours.
Price - 4.3/10 - I paid ~£3.95 for this bar in my local Fenwick - unfortunately I don't think its worth the money for this bar, what with its limited amount of custard.
Overall - 5.4/10 - Not quite 'custardy' or unique enough for my liking.
WHO FOR?If you don't want to buy someone a typical Easter egg then I guess you could buy this, it would probably go down a hit with most kids.

WHERE TO BUY?In Fenwick in Newcastle or online at The Chocolate Smiths here along with details of their other stockists.

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