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Xocolatl Easter Eggs

Whilst I was in Fenwick purchasing the Artisan du Chocolat Crème de la Crème Eggs I also spotted these pretty looking Xocolatl chocolate eggs. I've never reviewed anything from Xocolatl before but they are a Danish chocolate company, that according to their website 'use only origin chocolate' and 'aim to provide the best chocolate in Denmark'.

Xocolatl Easter Eggs
Xocolatl Easter Eggs

The eggs looked really pretty with their speckled design and all the fillings sounded appetising; you get a total of 8 eggs in the box with 2 nougat, pretty much a hazelnut praline, 2 mint, 1 citron, 1 lakrids (liquorice), 1 applesin (which I thought was going to be apple but on translation turned out to be orange, how confusing!) and 1 'karamel'. The eggs, rather than being full eggs like Hotel Chocolat sell, are all flatter half eggs.

Xocolatl Easter Eggs

A white chocolate egg filled with a liquorice filling, almost like the texture of a caramel, smooth and delicious. I'm quite peculiar in the sense that I don't like eating black liquorice on its own but if its paired with something else that I love the flavour of it.

The chocolate was really well balanced, the white chocolate wasn't overly sweet, yet light and milky and the liquorice filling added a wonderful depth to the overall eat.

MintEncased in a dark chocolate shell the mint filling was absolutely beautiful, like the highest quality of After Eight you could imagine, with also a caramel like texture. Dark chocolate and mint is quite a hard combination to mess up and Xocolatl certainly excelled here. Deep yet refreshing. I'm pretty sure that the filling of this and the lakrids were both flavoured caramels.

Xocolatl Easter Eggs

Being the huge praline fan that I am I was glad that there were two of these in the box and that they use a milk chocolate shell as opposed to white or dark. The praline filling was absolutely beautiful, light yet dense at the same time with a wonderful smooth, nutty flavour and melt. The milk chocolate was excellent quality and had a clean, crisp snap and an overall creamy, almost caramel like, flavour.

CitronThe Citron variety, also encased in milk chocolate was a blend of orange and lemon flavours, it is reminiscent of eating something St Clements flavoured. I was pleasantly surprised with how well this was executed with milk chocolate, normally a sharp lemon flavour needs a sweeter white chocolate to balance it but due to the addition of the orange it helps to mellow out the eat. Delicious.

Xocolatl Easter Eggs

I hadn't actually translated the back of the pack when I was eating this chocolate, so on eating I was thinking 'hm this doesn't taste very much of apple, it has a more citrus flavour'. Alas when I translated it it turned out to be orange, but was quite a different eat to the Citron variety with less of a sharp tang and delivering more of a rich, subtle flavour and eat. On looking at the danish ingredients list it was described as 'blodapplesin' so it could have possibly been blood orange which often delivers a more rich taste.

A caramel filled dark chocolate egg this was everything you look for in a caramel chocolate, I also could have sworn it was salted. Looking at the back of the pack on telling you which flavour is where in the box it was it was only described as 'karamel' but on the actual danish ingredients list it was described as 'saltkaramel' so I'm presuming that it was infact salted caramel. The texture of the filling was very akin to the likes of Hotel Chocolat's Burnt Caramels, rich, thick and luxurious with the dark chocolate providing a nice counter balance.

Overall these Xocolatl eggs were a nice change, I always love to try products from companies I haven't reviewed anything from before and you could tell what good quality the chocolates were. They were a bit pricey at £10.99 for 8 chocolates, 100g, making them £1.37 an egg. However if you know someone that may appreciate quality over quantity this Easter then these would be perfect.

Taste - 8.8/10 - Simple flavours executed to the highest standard.
Texture - 8.7/10 - Smooth, rich fillings.
Appearance - 7.4/10 - Minimalist, sleek looking box and pretty looking speckled egg design.
Price - 7.0/10 - A bit more expensive than some other Easter products on the market at £10.99 but they are excellent quality.
Overall - 8.0/10 - I'll definitely be making sure to look out for more products from Xocolatl.
WHO FOR?Anyone who appreciates higher quality chocolate for Easter rather than a cheap mass produced Easter Egg.

I picked mine up from my local Fenwick, other department stores may also possibly stock Xocolatl, the eggs are also shown on their website here, but there are no details with out to purchase online.

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