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NelleUlla Chocolate Truffles

I reviewed a box of NelleUlla chocolates quite a while ago here and after browsing their website I really wanted to order a selection box of my own, where I could choose the flavours that would be included, so I opted for a box of 16 and happily went about choosing out of the wide selection of flavours on offer. They turned up a couple of weeks later, all intact and looked great.

NelleUlla Truffle Selection

NelleUlla Truffle Selection

I opted for a mix of  'classic' and more 'unusual' flavours and even some with alcohol in - I know shock horror, but I figured that the alcohol may not be particularly strong in these truffles. All the truffles are a good decent size and all have a good ratio of filling to chocolate. I've taken the descriptions, in italics, from NelleUlla's website.

NelleUlla Truffle Selection

Almond Coconut  
- Coconut cream and white chocolate truffle, decorated with sliced almonds. Fine, fragile, imperceptibly light. Rolled by delicate hands of the Northern maidens, gathered from the forests in folds of their ball gowns. True and sophisticated.

The filling was meant to be coconut based but all in all I actually ended up getting more of an almond flavour from the pieces on the outer shell. I would have maybe liked to have seen this with the addition of desiccated coconut on the outside to add an extra dimension and boost the coconut flavour.

Almond - Almond cream and dark chocolate truffle adorned with Californian almond chips. Wild, rich and slightly prickly. 
Just like the wild Northern maidens. Untamed and authentic truffle.

I think this would have worked better with milk chocolate to complement the creaminess of the almond filling, the dark chocolate just intensified the eat of it a bit too much for my liking but this could just be personal preference.

Hazelnut  - Milk chocolate truffle with hazelnut filling, decorated with crushed hazelnuts. Intense, like the light of opera’s chandelier. Made from the nuts found deep in the forest, grand like thunder claps. Very powerful and genuine truffle.

I think it was fairly obvious from the outset that I was going to love this chocolate, I mean hazelnut has to be one of my top ingredients to be used in chocolate and this truffle had everything you could possibly want. Creamy, smooth filling, crunchy crushed hazelnuts, like the creamiest Ferrero Rocher ever.

Pistachio - Green pistachio cream fills a dark chocolate truffle decorated with pistachio nuts. Captivating and delicate like the shine on a Northern maiden’s satin dress. The subject of dreams and nurtured by hand. True and desirable is this truffle.

 I'd tried this one previously and loved it.  Smooth, luxurious with a lovely subtle pistachio flavour. Balances well with the deeper dark chocolate and is a delicious, classic eat.

NelleUlla Truffle Selection

Pina Colada - Milk chocolate truffle with a Pina Colada filling adorned with freeze-dried pineapple pieces. Effervescent and tangy like ice in the rushing spring rivers. The taste of freedom and the feeling of wildness. Inspired, true and wise truffle.

I feel like this would have worked a lot better with white chocolate as opposed to a milk chocolate shell, I just felt that it took away the lightness and creaminess of the pineapple and coconut. However it still was a pleasant eat and the rum was nicely subtle.

Gingerbread  - Milk chocolate truffle with gingerbread bits and spices, decorated with white chocolate. Like a warm breath on a frozen window. Sweet and peppery, wrapped in chocolate. A little wild thing, our close gingerbread truffle.

I adored this one last time and felt exactly the same this time round. Wonderful, well rounded spice flavour and a gorgeous crunchy, nibbly texture.

Saffron - A delicate saffron cream truffle in glazed milk chocolate, adorned with bronze powder. Proud and dignified, overseas princess. Northern maidens’ journeys hunting for spices and capturing saffron. Exquisite and genuine.

With a slight smoky flavour I didn't feel this screamed saffron at me, like the description on the website it is quite a delicate overall flavour despite having quite a strong alcoholic tang, it was pleasant but not incredible.

Strawberry - Strawberry cream and white chocolate truffle adorned with freeze-dried strawberry pieces. True and full. Free and wild. Grown in the Northern land and nurtured by the hands of the Northern maidens. Honest and complete truffle.

A light, fresh strawberry eat. Thankfully not artificial tasting or sickly whatsoever with a nice intensity added from the freeze dried strawberry pieces.

NelleUlla Truffle Selection  

Egg Liquor  - Egg Nog liqueur cream and dark chocolate truffle adorned with white chocolate curls. Sweet and happy, dizzy and honest. Like weightless snow dances. Like goose bumps from happiness. A sensual and authentic kind of truffle.

I love anything eggnog flavoured normally, that warming winter flavour that reminds me of Christmastime. However I didn't really get a lot of that from this chocolate and searching the ingredients list I couldn't find any mention of the use of spices such as nutmeg, so you are left with just a creamy, sweet, tasting chocolate with a slight tang from the alcohol. I feel the addition of nutmeg could have taken this chocolate to another level.

Dark Chocolate - Dark chocolate cream glazed in excellent 53% dark chocolate. Brash and confident, mighty and powerful Like a hundred year old Linden tree or an ancient stone. Like an uncut diamond in an opera diva's necklace. Rich and truthful truffle.

Using a 53% dark chocolate means this truffle wasn't too acidic or bitter but instead, when balanced with the cream, gives a luxurious, sumptuous eat. Very well balanced and exactly what you would look for in a good dark chocolate truffle.

Liquorice Raspberry - White chocolate truffle with liquorice cream filling, covered with a velvety raspberry powder. Deep and heartfelt as the morning song of forest birds. Discovered and honed to perfection by the Northern maidens. Excellent and delightful.

 I'd also tried this one before as well and loved it. As stated previously I really feel that liquorice works well with chocolate and the sharper tang from the raspberry and the creaminess from the white chocolate is just a match made in  heaven.

Apricot  - Apricot cream truffle in white chocolate, decorated with apricot pieces. Light and fresh like a summer’s day. Carefree edge of a skirt in a breeze. Caught by Northern maidens and set in a white chocolate skin. True and playful truffle.

Apricot is quite a delicate flavour and this comes through in the chocolate, a subtle, creamy eat and nice to see apricot used in a chocolate, it's not a flavour you often come across.

NelleUlla Truffle Selection  

Bailey's - Milk chocolate truffle filled with Bailey’s liqueur cream, decorated with chocolate curls in two colours. Unbelievably delicate. Like a cloud, like opera curtain’s velvet. It recalls memories and celebrates passing days. Truthful and intense.

Exactly what you want from a Bailey's based product, creamy with a subtle alcohol hint, the filling was smooth and melt in the mouth with a nice textural contrast from both the chocolate shell and chocolate curls.

Apple Cinnamon - Milk chocolate truffle with a cinnamon filling, decorated with freeze-dried apple pieces. A garland of dried apples swings from branch to branch. Sprinkled with eastern spices, it’s the Northern maiden’s secret. Nuanced and truthful. 

The freeze dried apples on the outside of the truffle added a lovely chewy texture to the eat of the chocolate. A warming, lightly spiced eat with a good apple and cinnamon flavour.

Peppermint - Peppermint cream in dark chocolate truffle, decorated in green sugar grains. Fresh as a mound of emerald ice. Sharp and strong, beautiful and powerful like the Northern winter. This truffle is real and true.

Like eating a really creamy mint choc chip ice cream. Smooth, refreshing peppermint filling contrasting against a deeper dark chocolate shell.

Caramel - A caramel cream and milk chocolate truffle decorated with Paillete Feuilletine. Light and delicate like lace gloves, or morning dew drop gems. Full of the Northern maidens’ light, inspiration and fervour. Well-rounded and honest truffle. 

Possibly one of my favourite truffles in the selection; the textural contrasts were spot on with a gorgeous nibbly feuilletine coating and a delicious creamy caramel filling. It reminded me of a high end version of one of my all time favourite chocolate bars, Mars Delight, that sadly got discontinued a few years ago.

Out of all of the truffles I've tried from NelleUlla I have yet to come across a really bad chocolate, everyone I've tried has been pretty good, gorgeous textures and great flavours.

Taste - 8.4/10 - Flavours executed well, nice mixture of both classic flavours and more unusual ones.
Texture - 9.0/10 - Creaminess and smoothness of fillings are spot on. Some nice textural contrasts in some of the truffles with the addition of crunchy pieces on the outer shell.
Appearance - 8.0/10 - Pretty looking chocolates.
Price - 7.5/10 - Each truffle is €1.21 and then with shipping I think the box of 16 came to about
€30, quite reasonable for a higher end, good quality box of truffles.
Overall - 8.2/10 - Delicious and offer something for everyone.

Would be great for a gift for someone, especially for someone looking to maybe try something a bit different.


Online from NelleUlla's website here.

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  1. I think it's so strange that I was given a 9 piece box of NelleUlla-made-truffles from ALDI! Obviously they were not branded as NelleUlla, nor branded at all ... just a clear box with a 'recipe' tag attached telling what the chocolates were and that they were "forest truffles". And because they weren't branded, I didn't take any pictures as I hadn't planned on reviewing them for my blog. It wasn't until I finished them that I realised how good they were, then did some detective work and found them to be made my NelleUlla.

    Anyway, really good flavours