Saturday, 14 May 2016

T'a Caramello Croccante Chocolate Bar

As stated previously I adore caramel chocolate and therefore I was extremely pleasantly surprised when I picked up this T'a Caramello Croccante Chocolate Bar, billed as a 'white chocolate flavoured with caramel pieces' when translated from it's traditional Italian description I was expecting a standard white chocolate flecked with caramel pieces. I was in for a nice treat.

T'a Caramello Croccante  

Instead this bar is actually caramel white chocolate which is then additionally flecked with crispy caramel pieces. Heaven. As soon as you tear open the packaging you are greeted with a gorgeous sweet caramel aroma. The bar itself is quite thick and split into 4 decent sized squares, each weighing ~15g (it's a 50g bar in total) which each piece snapping off nicely.

T'a Caramello Croccante

The melt of the bar is heaven, smooth rich and luxurious, whilst the flavour is one of the best caramel chocolates I've had, I would have to eat it side by side Valhrona's Dulcey to confirm, but I wuold go as far as to say it may be the best. The caramel flavour is everything you could want, imagine the old Caramac upgraded to a higher quality eat and that is essentially what you have. A well balanced level of sweetness, no throat burning, slightly burnt undertones of toffee moving into a more luxurious caramel flavour and an overall delicious eat.

T'a Caramello Croccante
The crunchy caramel pieces aid to add that little better extra, not big enough to be obtrusive or massively alter the texture or melt of the bar, but big enough to make an impact by providing an added flavour depth and in some places in the bar a nice nibbly texture.

If  you like caramel chocolate I urge you to go out and buy this bar now, I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed...just make sure you get out there and pick one up before I go out and buy up all remaining stocks.

Taste - 9.4/10
- Impeccable.
Texture - 9.2/10 - Gorgeous smooth melt.
Appearance - 8.9/10 - Visually appealing.
Price - 7.8/10 - I can't recall the exact price I paid for this bar as it was quite a while ago I purchased it, I think it was around the £3 mark.
Overall - 8.8/10 - One of the best caramel chocolate bars I've tried.
Caramel chocolate lovers!


I picked mine up from Fenwick unfortunately it appears they don't sell their products online, but I have previously seen their bars in Waitrose, although it was a long time ago.

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  1. This sounds so nice! I like Caramac but a luxury version sounds fantastic.