Sunday, 12 June 2016

Choconut Chocolate Selection

I was lucky enough to be recently contacted to be asked whether I would review some chocolates from a recently launched chocolatier 'Choconut', they are the only brand in the UK to use 100% Valrhona chocolate (which I love) and produce a range of chocolates, coffee and nuts and have a boutique located on Great Portland Street in London, but I was sent my chocolates via post.


I always love trying new chocolate companies especially when their flavours look really innovative and interesting. The chocolates arrived in a well presented box complete with a hand tied ribbon containing 12 dainty, delicate, immaculate looking chocolates inside. The designs of them certainly looked good, a range of innovative shapes and colour techniques - I hoped the flavours would live up to their image.


I specifically asked not to be sent any alcoholic chocolates (as you may know I'm not really a fan) so I was pretty sure that I should like all of the flavours in the box. I didn't actually get a menu card with the chocolates so I cross-referenced them against pictures on the website to work out what each one was.

Toffee Pecan Blonde
 A gorgeous caramelised chocolate, I presume Choconut are using Valrhona Dulcey, with an incredibly good flavour and a lovely caramelised smooth pecan centre.

Tarte Tatin Blonde
 Another blonde chocolate but decorated with a unique looking green and yellow swirl design filled with what seemed like an apple jelly and apple ganache it complemented the sweeter caramel chocolate perfectly to evoke all of the classic flavours of tarte tatin whilst also providing a unique textural contrast due to the addition of the jelly.

Sesame & Tahini Dark
 This was probably the only chocolate I was slightly disappointed with in the selection that I was sent. The flavours weren't particularly prominent nor was the texture particularly great, a bit dry.

Red Fruit Cheesecake Dark

 One of the freshest, creamiest chocolates I've had in a long time. Lovely light notes of strawberry and red berries came through with just a slight hint of tang, balanced by dairy notes and a deeper dark chocolate.


Lemon Meringue White
 I couldn't find the far left chocolate on the photo on Choconut's website but it evoked similar flavours of lemon/citrus to the lemon meringue white, which was utterly delicious with lovely little nibbly meringue pieces.

Pecan Praline Blonde 
Very similar to the Toffee Pecan Blonde except this chocolate was a bit 'sturdier', a thicker chocolate overall with more of a robust praline filling as opposed to a smooth ganache like centre. Flavours were similar but textures slightly different.

Lemon Thyme Dark

A much subtler lemon flavour compared to the lemon meringue what with it being based on lemon thyme as opposed to the lemon fruit. Delicate with a lovely fresh eat.


Coffee Milk 
Again I couldn't find the chocolate on the far left on the website but I'm pretty sure it was a coffee based chocolate with a lovely bitter note to it that balanced well with the creamy milk chocolate.

Saffron Olive Oil White
 I absolutely adored the design of this chocolate, both the shape and the colours used. The filling was silky smooth (most likely due to the addition of olive oil) and had a lovely, light delicate flavour to the eat.

Salted Caramel Blonde
 A gorgeously thick, sumptuous almost chewy caramel with a deep burnt and salted notes. Normally I find caramels quite sweet but the filling of this was actually the opposite which almost had a slight bitter note to it. Personally I really enjoyed it, especially when paired with the sweeter blonde shell.

Banoffee Pie Milk
Normally banana chocolates pack a really strong flavour punch (normally due to the use of artificial flavourings I must add), I presume that these flavourings haven't been used here but unfortunately that meant I was left with virtually no detectable banana flavour and just a very light milk chocolate/caramel taste.

Overall these chocolates are really top class, they evoke everything you could want from a high end chocolate. Innovative and classic flavours done superbly, with excellent quality chocolate.
What really stood out to me, on top of the excellent flavours, was how thin the shell of all the chocolates were, lightly breaking away on bite giving the fillings the chance to be the main feature of the chocolate. This made for an absolutely delicious eat and a really high end delicate chocolate.

Taste - 8.5/10 - Delicious, a lovely combination of innovative and classic flavours.
Texture - 8.7/10 - Top class, ultra thin shells, mostly smooth, luxurious fillings.
Appearance - 8.7/10 - Stunning. The only thing I think that could be improved would be the inclusion of a menu card.
Price - 6.8/10 - £2.00 per chocolate, considering they are quite small, may seem quite steep for a lot of people's price range. However you can often pay in a similar price range for the likes of Godiva and these are far superior to that in terms of quality - its just a case of whether you prefer quality or quantity (in terms of weight and size).
Overall - 8.2/10 - A delicious high end chocolatier that I'm so glad I now have the pleasure of knowing about.

Definitely a more special occasion/gifting chocolate for those that enjoy higher quality, premium chocolates.

At Choconut's store in London or online here.

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