Friday, 10 June 2016

Simply Chocolate Persian Perry Chocolate Bar

As if I didn't have enough chocolate when I went out on my recent haul I noticed this Simply Chocolate bar in my queue at the till and despite the simplistic packaging it caught my eye due to the inclusion of 'Persian liquorice'. As I've previously mentioned I don't particularly enjoy liquorice on it's own but after trying Lakrids' chocolate coated liquorice I fell in love and therefore thought I would quite enjoy this bar.

Simply Chocolate Persian Perry  

Simply Chocolate despite not sounding particularly exotic is actually based in Copenhagen and uses 'simple good quality chocolate with an added twist' to make things a bit more 'fun'. This bar is white chocolate based and is flecked with little pieces of black liquorice powder giving it the look of almost a cookies and cream-esque bar.

Simply Chocolate Persian Perry

The cubes are relatively thick and chunky and provide a decent mouthfuls. The melt is smooth and creamy and thankfully the white chocolate isn't sickly sweet but instead has a subtle creamy flavour with a light hint of vanilla. The bitterness of the liquorice pairs well with the creamy white chocolate and despite possessing only small bits of liquorice in the bar it actually delivers a really powerful bitter flavour.

Simply Chocolate Persian Perry

In fact I felt the flavour was even more powerful than the Lakrids I've tried, despite them actually containing large pieces of chewy liquorice. For me personally I felt it was a bit too strong, the initial melt flavour was quite pleasant but you are left with quite a bitter, acrid back note, which I wasn't really a big fan of.  In line with this I actually realised that I quite enjoy the chewy texture of liquorice if it's going to be added as a flavour profile and unfortunately you don't get this in this bar.

I didn't hate it, I didn't love it, would I go back for another one of these? No. Would I want to try more from Simply Chocolate's range? Definitely, as I think the quality of chocolate is there but unfortunately this bar just didn't hit the spot for me.

Taste - 5.9/10 - White chocolate is quite pleasant and the initial flavour is lovely; however the liquorice was pretty strong and you are left with quite a bitter aftertaste.
Texture - 6.0/10 -
Melt was good, missed the chewiness of the liquorice.

Appearance - 6.3/10 - Minimalist looking.
Price - 5.4/10 - I paid ~£2 for this which I don't think is great value for money for this bar in particular.
Overall - 5.9/10 - Sounded interesting but wasn't massively to my liking.
If you quite enjoy a more bitter liquorice flavour then you might quite enjoy this.

I picked mine up at Fenwick but you can find further details on Simply Chocolate's website here.

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