Thursday, 23 June 2016

The Raw Chocolate Co Vanoffe Bar

A Organic/Vegan chocolate bar review for you today; the last few vegan chocolate products reviewed on the blog have been pretty good, so lets hoping that this Raw Chocolate Co bar also lives up to its predecessors!

The Raw Chocolate Company 

The bar is a 'white chocolate' bar, despite not actually being white in appearance, as it doesn't contain any milk and is blended with Peruvian lucuma, to give the toffee flavour, cacao butter and Ugandan vanilla. So the 'vanoffee' comes from Virgin cacao butter and lucuma primarily and is sweetened with coconut palm sugar. The bar, along with being vegan and organic is also completely 'raw'.

The bar has a lovely smooth, creamy, look to it and opening it up it had a nice sweet, caramel/toffee aroma. In terms of the melt of the chocolate, it is lovely, smooth and buttery. However I felt that the flavour let it down slightly.
The Raw Chocolate Company

With this chocolate bar you can definitely tell that its not 'regular'. I felt that it had quite an unusual aftertaste, on starting it has quite a sweet, pleasant toffee flavour but as the flavour develops it turns into an almost artificial taste. It definitely didn't have all of those rich cacao notes that you get from  a 'milk chocolate' nor the creamy, sweet, dairy, you hope to achieve from a 'white chocolate' bar. If you're a vegan or looking for something more specialised and don't mind it tasting 'alternative' then you may enjoy this chocolate bar. However it doesn't tick the box of being a decent replacement to regular chocolate for me unfortunately.

Taste - 3.9/10 - A bit of an artificial, sickly flavour.
Texture - 7.5/10 - Nice, smooth, creamy melt.
Appearance - 6.4/10 - Looks nice enough.
Price - 4.4/10 - £2.00 for a 44g bar from Ethical Superstore.
Overall - 5.6/10 - Unfortunately not all that great.
Anyone who is a vegan or looking for something 'alternative' that doesn't mind it tasting that different.

I got mine from Ethical Superstore; however it is also available elsewhere.

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