Wednesday, 6 July 2016

NelleUlla White Chocolate Rhubarb & Strawberry

I've tried quite a lot of NelleUlla's truffles after falling in love with them last year but I haven't actually tried any of their standard chocolate bars, similar to their truffles the chocolate bars are focused around a similar foraging ethos and therefore are often studded with fruits and the like.

NelleUlla White Chocolate - Rhubarb & Strawberry 

This bar has a base of white chocolate which is then studded with freeze dried rhubarb and strawberry pieces. In all honesty it's a bar that I probably wouldn't have picked up had it not been that it had been reduced in my local Fenwick, if I recall correctly I ended up paying ~£3 for 80g worth of chocolate.

Like the truffles you can tell that the chocolate is good quality, the white chocolate is creamy and smooth with no cloying sweetness whilst the pieces of freeze dried rhubarb and strawberry inject a fruity sharp tang to the bar with the rhubarb pieces adding a nice textural contrasts to the bar with their slightly chewy texture.

NelleUlla White Chocolate - Rhubarb & Strawberry

This chocolate bar is definitely more of a lighter, summery eat and perfect for over the warmer months of the summer (if we get any that is). Would I pay full price for it? In all honesty I'm not too sure, it would probably depend what else was on offer at the time when I went to go and buy some chocolate, at full price I think it was ~£6 which I think seems a bit overpriced when compared to others bars you can get at a similar price point. Nevertheless still a tasty, good quality bar of chocolate.

Taste - 7.0/10 - Light, creamy, white chocolate with added fruity tang.
Texture - 6.9/10 - Smooth melt,  nice added chewiness from freeze dried pieces of rhubarb.
Appearance - 7.2/10 - Nice dispersion of freeze dried fruits.
Price - 6.5/10 - At full price from Fenwick in the UK I thought it was a bit overpriced, it's slightly cheaper on the NelleUlla website at just over €5.
Overall - 6.9/10 - Tasty, summery, fresh chocolate bar.

Anyone who's a fan of lighter more refreshing chocolate bars.

I picked mine up at Fenwick but you can also purchase from NelleUlla's website here.


  1. Yes, definitely overpriced at the full price, but then I often find that with things in Fenwicks haha.

  2. This sounds delightful in comparison to the ALDI version, but then I guess it should be for the price! I'll keep my eyes out for this brand in future though xx