Thursday, 21 July 2016

Snickers Protein Bar

So a few days ago I reviewed the Mars Protein bar, now it's time for the other new protein bar that has been released which is the Snickers Protein bar. I must say I was pretty excited about this one, I love Snickers and I was interested to see how Mars would create a relatively macro friendly bar whilst still including relatively calorie dense peanuts.

Snickers Protein Bar

For a comparison :
Regular Snickers Bar (48g) - 245kcal, 13.4g fat, 26.2g carbs, 4.5g protein
Snickers Protein Bar (51g) - 199kcal, 7g fat, 18.5g carbs, 18.2 g protein

I must say I was surprised that the Snickers Protein bar was actually lower calorie (albeit by 1) than the Mars Protein bar and overall the macros on it are pretty good. So how does it compare?

Well the first thing you notice is that obviously the chocolate layer is a lot thinner, you can visibly see all of the peanuts on top of the bar; however I was impressed with how many were on there. Like the Mars Protein bar the next layers are a thin layer of caramel and a layer of protein nougat using a blend of hydrolysed collagen, milk protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. Like the Mars Protein bar not the best quality protein.

Snickers Protein Bar

On first bite I knew I was going to enjoy this bar a lot more than the Mars version; although the base has a similar slightly tough/chewy texture I think this is more reminiscent of what a Snickers is actually like and the added peanuts help to detract from the slightly chewy texture by adding a nice crunch to the bar.

Snickers Protein Bar 

The taste again is overall pretty good, a good chocolate/caramel/peanut flavour that wasn't that dissimilar from a regular Snickers. Again the price point is a bit of off putting, being ~£2 more expensive than a regular Snickers; however in terms of price point of other protein bars it is on a similar level and tastes pretty good. After buying 2 of each bar I was most definitely looking forward to eating my 2nd Snickers Protein bar much more compared to that of the Mars and for this reason if I was looking to treat myself to a few protein bars then I would probably pick this up again.

Taste - 8.4/10 - Pretty similar to a regular Snickers, good peanut + caramel flavour. Not much of a 'chalky' protein aftertaste as the peanuts help to detract from that.
Texture - 8.0/10 - Much more akin to that of a regular Snickers compared to the Mars version, added crunch from peanuts help to detract from the slightly chewy protein base.
Appearance - 6.5/10 - I didn't massively like seeing the peanuts visible on top of the bar but I get that they couldn't be covered in a huge layer of chocolate.
Price - 6.2/10 -  I paid £2.69 for mine on sale at Protein Pick n Mix, normally £2.99, you can pay less if you purchase them in a box from Amazon. When comparing it to a normal Snickers it's really expensive but compared to other protein bars it fairs okay in terms of the taste you get for the money.
Overall - 7.3/10 - Would definitely opt for this over the Mars.

Anyone looking for a decent protein bar or an alternative, more macro friendly, Snickers.


You can get the from most sports/health websites if you search on Google but I got mine from Protein Pick n Mix here or you can get a box from Amazon here.

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