Thursday, 18 August 2016

Cadbury Dinky Deckers

There's not many Cadbury chocolate bars that I would go out and purchase nowadays since the quality of their chocolate took a nose dive, but one that I am still a big fan of is the Double Decker. I love it - the chewy, satisfying texture. So I was super excited when I saw that Dinky Deckers were going to be released - bite size versions of my favourite Cadbury bar - what could go wrong...?


Well first things first it appears as if they've altered the recipe slightly - the Dinky Deckers have rice flour in the recipe and also contain the stabiliser sorbitol, whilst standard Double Deckers have wheat flour and from what I could see no trace of sorbitol. Hm.

Dinky Deckers are described as 'Milk chocolates with smooth, chewy nougat (35%) and crisp, crunchy cereal (9%) filling'
compared to Double Deckers as 'Milk chocolate with smooth, chewy nougat (38 %) and crisp, crunchy cereal (9 %) filling.'
So slightly more nougat in the standard version.


Opening the packet they definitely are 'dinky' and not particularly thick looking, I think it would have been better if Cadbury had made them almost into a cube shape as one of the main appeals of the DOUBLE Decker is the height and thickness of the layers. Where as here it just looks a bit flat.

This was extremely evident when I cut into one - firstly why have they flipped the layers around?! It should be nougat on top and crispy bits on bottom to get that satisfying chew then crunch texture and where is my nougat?! It looked virtually non-existent!


When I bit into it I knew it was going to be all wrong, the flipping of the textures ruins the eat - so I decided to eat it upside down and although this improved it slightly it was still poor in comparison to a standard Double Decker. Due to there being so little nougat you aren't met with that delicious, chewy, almost mallow like eat. Instead it pretty much tastes like eating a poor Rice Krispies cake...

Which is where there is another problem, the flavour is all off. It doesn't taste like a Double Decker, it tastes like an inferior chocolate product that is too sweet. Why has this been done so badly?! It could have been quite simple, keep the same recipe as Double Decker and make the 'Dinky Deckers' into smaller, thicker bites and you hopefully would have got a similar eat. I really hope that they're not planning to change the standard recipe of the Double Decker.....

Taste - 4.0/10 - Poor, won't be buying again.
Texture - 2.0/10 - They've ruined the best part of the Double Decker.
Appearance - 3.0/10 - Too thin and long, not the 'chunky' shape that it needs to be.
Price - 4.3/10 - The only saving grace is that I didn't spend too much money on these at £1.50 for the 120g bag, but definitely don't think they're that great value for money when you could get around 3 Double Deckers for this price.
Overall - 3.3/10 - Considering how much I love Double Deckers these were a massive disappointment.
Maybe if you enjoy chocolate Rice Krispies treats.....

I picked these up in Sainsbury's, apparently they are also available in Asda. I would imagine most major retailers will get them in soon.


  1. I love double deckers so will probably give this a miss...

    1. Yeah I wouldn't waste your money - just go out and buy a few Double Deckers and chop them into bits, much better!

    2. Or maybe Ms Chocolate lover should just try this new product for herself?

    3. Of course she could :). I'm just giving my recommendations on what I thought of the product if you really want a double decker on what I think is better value for money. :)

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  2. OMG yuk yuk yuk what else can I say. Ate 2 and chucked the rest in the bin. What are Cadbury thinking!!!!! Not even anything close to double decker.

    1. I know! I felt the same. I went out and bought a proper Double Decker after to make sure and they're nothing alike. :(