Saturday, 20 August 2016

Ombar Coco Mylk

I picked up a couple of Ombar's products at Wholefood's when I was in London recently, I've had a couple of raw chocolate bars before and not been massively impressed, but I was interested to see what Ombar's would be like - especially as the flavours sounded delicious.

Ombar Coco Mylk 

For those of you that don't know how the 'raw' process differs to standard chocolate making  - the beans are not roasted and instead are allowed to dry out naturally until they are able to be crumbled into nibs, which are then blended with additional ingredients at a low temperature, normal chocolate would then be conched, where it is heated and aerated. This does not occur with 'raw' chocolate and the liquid mixture is moulded into bars and left to set. In accordance with this Ombar's chocolates are also organic and vegan and also contain live cultures!

I opted for two coconut based bars - this Coco Mylk and a Coconut & Vanilla Centres bar.  The Coco Mylk is what I will be reviewing today. I am definitely more fond of milk chocolate, due to it's creamier nature and therefore hoped that this bar, despite being 55% cacao solids, would be able to offer this without containing any dairy - but instead coconut cream, blended with raw cacao, coconut sugar, cocoa butter and ground vanilla pods.

Ombar Coco Mylk 

 I could tell as soon as I snapped off a piece how creamy this chocolate was going to be, due to the higher fat addition of coconut cream, which often offers chocolate a luxurious, truffle like melt when used. As expected the melt was gorgeous: smooth, rich and enrobing. Heaven.

The flavour was equally as delicious, it wasn't overly sweet and definitely not what you would expect from 'mainstream' milk chocolate, but it also wasn't bitter whatsoever and therefore would still please the more sensitive milk chocolate lover's palette. I loved it.

Ombar Coco Mylk 

To me the sign of a good 'health' chocolate bar is whether I would buy it despite it's health connotations and Ombar have definitely ticked that box here.

Taste - 8.3/10 - A subtle coconut undertone, not overly sweet nor bitter, a light, milky chocolate notes.
Texture - 9.4/10 - Absolutely beautiful melt.
Appearance - 7.0/10 - Simplistic yet effective.
Price - 7.0/10 - £1.99 for 35g is quite expensive but it's similar to other 'health' products in the sense that it is sold at a higher price point. Plus it's excellent quality.
Overall - 7.9/10 - A chocolate bar that holds it's own despite being 'healthy'.
Obviously great for those looking for a raw, vegan or organic chocolate bar but also has something to offer the standard consumer.

I picked mine up from Wholefood's but you can purchase from Ombar's online store here.

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