Monday, 29 August 2016

The Pudding Parlour Banoffee Pie White Chocolate Bar (The Chocolate Smiths)

I love banana flavoured things; I often comment that I think it's a very underused flavour in the food industry in general and definitely not one that often pops up in chocolate. However I do often find with chocolate that it is a flavour that can be quite difficult to get right, more often than not turning out as sickly sweet and artificial tasting. I hoped that this wouldn't be the case with this Banoffee Pie bar.

The Pudding Parlour Banoffee Pie Bar

The Pudding Parlour is a cake/dessert shop near to where I live and they've teamed up with The Chocolate Smiths to produce a couple of chocolate bars that pair with their baked goods; the first one I'll be reviewing is this Banoffee Pie bar. Described as 'Belgian white chocolate bar with banana flavouring, fudge chunks, and crunchy dark chocolate covered biscuit pieces', it sounded appetising enough; although I may have liked to have seen digestive biscuit pieces used instead.

On opening the packet I was met with a familiar aroma of creamy white chocolate, no notes of banana though. Hm. I did hope that it would be present in terms of flavour. I was pleased to see that the fudge and dark chocolate biscuit pieces were swirled evenly throughout the bar and not just stuck on top.

The Pudding Parlour Banoffee Pie Bar 

The white chocolate, 30% cocoa solids, used is really creamy and thankfully not sickly, sweet in the slightest and has no awful throat burning sensations, but instead a really smooth melt. I was also really impressed with the balance of the banana flavour, it's not too strong so that it seems artificial but it's subtly present in the bar, making you take notice that this isn't a standard bar of white chocolate.

The Pudding Parlour Banoffee Pie Bar

The fudge pieces and dark chocolate biscuit pieces injected a nice textural contrast to the bar of chocolate; although I must say that I did find the fudge chunks a little on the hard side. Also one of the main components of banoffee pie is the caramel sauce, surely there should have been some soft caramel in the bar, but I do fear this may have made the bar a bit too sweet. Ultimately however I did think that this was quite a pleasant chocolate bar, especially due to the well executed banana flavour, that unfortunately is oh so often a rarity.

Taste - 7.2/10 - A creamy, not overly sweet white chocolate bar with a well balanced flavour of banana.
Texture - 6.7/10 - Smooth melt, fudge chunks are a bit hard.
Appearance - 7.5/10 - Like the packaging, pleased that the fudge and biscuit pieces are dispersed throughout the bar.
Price - 6.5/10 - At £3.50 for 100g I still think this is slightly overpriced.
Overall - 7.0/10 - I don't think it's a replacement for a real slice of banoffee pie but still pleasant enough.
A fun chocolate bar for anyone that enjoys banana flavoured things.

The Pudding Parlour stores in the North East of England, details can be found on their website here.

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