Friday, 30 September 2016

Compartés Cereal Bowl

I was so pleased to see that Harvey Nichols online website had started stocking Compartés chocolate bars recently, even better was the fact that they had a much wider range than my local Fenwick store and many of the main flavours I was really interested in were available.

Compartés Cereal Bowl 

Cereal Bowl was one of the first flavours that really appealed to me when I looked at Compartés range - 'white chocolate, marshmallows, cornflakes & cereal'. It certainly sounded delicious but my question was would it really taste like a 'cereal bowl'. I was hoping for the chocolate to have a similar flavour to that of the cereal milk left in the bottom of your bowl when your done, much like Momofuku Milk Bar has done in New York with their cereal milk ice cream.

Compartés Cereal Bowl

Opening the bar the design is same as the other couple I've tried, portioned into small triangle pieces and one large triangle piece, with the back studded with cereal that looked as if it resembled Lucky Charms but with cornflakes - bright and colourful.

Compartés Cereal Bowl

Trying it for the first time I wasn't particularly blown away, the cereal didn't really add much in terms of flavour and just offered a slight textural contrast in the form of an additional crunch. The white chocolate was pretty standard, sweet, creamy, nothing earth shattering and it most definitely did not taste like cereal milk which was what I was really hoping for.

Now not to say this is an absolutely awful bar but when you're paying £6.95 for an 85g chocolate bar I expect it to be pretty good and certainly try to live up to it's namesake in terms of flavour. This isn't so much 'cereal bowl' as it is white chocolate studded with bits of cereal. I really do think this could have been outstanding had Compartés tried to infuse the white chocolate with a cereal milk flavour. Now that would have been incredible.

Taste - 5.0/10 - A bit of a let down to be honest, I really think the white chocolate should have been made to be cereal milk flavour.
Texture - 6.3/10 - Smooth white chocolate, textural contrast from the crunchy cereal and slightly chewy marshmallows.
Appearance - 7.8/10 - Love the bar format and the packaging.
Price - 4.2/10 - £6.95 or $9.95 for 85g. Personally I don't think it's worth it for this bar.
Overall - 5.8/10 - Could have been so much better.


It still looks like it would be quite a fun bar to give someone as a gift but unfortunately may not live up to taste expectations.

In the UK I got mine from Harvey Nichols online here, you can also purchase in the US from Compartés directly here.

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