Saturday, 10 September 2016

M&M's White BOO-tterscotch

As usual the range of limited edition Halloween chocolate products in the UK is sparse, the fact that Cadbury have just pretty much relaunched a version of their Screme Egg (minus the yolk) and called it a Ghoost Egg is about as exciting as it gets. In the US however things are a different story, with once again another limited edition Halloween flavour of M&M's, which were kindly sent to me by a man on eBay who pretty much sells every type of imported US (and beyond) M&M that you could desire!

M&Ms White Boo-tterscotch 

The limited edition flavour this year is 'BOO-tterscotch', which is obviously meant to be 'butterscotch' with a scary, spooky, twist, thankfully I wasn't too scared to take the plunge to try these because the base of these is white chocolate and from past experiences the white chocolate base M&M's always seem to pull off the additional flavours the best. It helps give the other flavours their full glory without masking it with excessive cocoa notes.

I was told/read before trying these that apparently they taste like the Butterbeer sold in Harry Potter World, having tried this and absolutely loved it I hoped for good things. A light, caramelly, sweet, butterscotch flavour.

M&Ms White Boo-tterscotch

As with all the US M&M's they are bigger than their UK counterpart and they had a lovely light aroma of butterscotch on opening the packet. Whilst the flavour, wow, well it certainly did pack a butterscotch punch. If you love the flavour of butterscotch then you will adore these, as they have it in absolute abundance. No faint 'whiff' of described flavour here! Underneath this you get added sweetness/dairy from the white chocolate but it is most certainly the butterscotch that is the star of the show and funnily enough they really did remind me of the Butterbeer! Yum!

M&Ms White Boo-tterscotch 

Now of course these are white chocolate and sweet butterscotch so they are SWEET, in fact I would say they are the sweetest M&M's I've tried, so small disclaimer if you don't have a big sweet tooth then you are probably not going to enjoy these or you're just going to have to limit yourself to only having a few at a time. On the other hand if you don't mind a good, sweet, sugary hit (they are meant for Halloween after all - another season just made for going wild with every sweet thing under the sun) and you're a fan of butterscotch then definitely pick these up!

Taste - 8.4/10 - They deliver the flavour their described as, which is always a massive plus for me! Really good butterscotch flavour.
Texture - 8.7/10 - I much prefer the larger size M&M's, the ratios feel better of chocolate to crunchy shell.
Appearance - 8.2/10 - Fun Halloween themed packaging.

Price - 6.4/10 - They are selling for £7.50, with free P&P for a 8.0oz bag on eBay, which isn't bad for an imported product. Obviously they're going to be a lot cheaper in the US.
Overall - 7.8/10 - One of the better limited edition M&M's flavours, that absolutely nails its supposed flavour.

 Butterscotch lovers who aren't averse to things being on the sweeter side.


 In the U.S. I would presume they are available across a few retailers, in the UK you can buy them online from eBay here.


  1. Why do we get such naff unimaginative Halloween goodies in the UK?! Xx

    1. I know!!! All they ever do is just rename products that are out at different times of years. It's just lazy! Xx