Monday, 5 September 2016

The Pudding Parlour Cookie Dough Pie Milk Chocolate Bar (The Chocolate Smiths)

I'm a sucker for a good cake shop and when I found out a local shop near me also were selling chocolate bars alongside their delicious looking cakes - well it was a win, win really! The shop itself is called The Pudding Parlour but local chocolate company The Chocolate Smiths are producing two chocolate bars for them - this Cookie Dough Pie milk chocolate bar and a Banoffee Pie white chocolate bar, which I reviewed previously.

The Pudding Parlour Cookie Dough Pie Bar 

I've tried a few of The Chocolate Smiths bars before and some I've enjoyed whilst others have left me feeling a bit disappointed. As soon as you slap the name 'cookie dough' onto a product you better hope that it lives up to it's name, it immediately raises my expectations. I have yet to find anything that lives up to the M&S Cookie Dough Bites that were spot on in terms of texture and flavour.

The Cookie Dough Pie bar is described as 'A handmade Belgian milk chocolate bar with fudge chunks and cookie dough biscuit pieces. This chocolate bar simulates the flavours of our best selling and much loved Cookie Dough Pie'. Hmm maybe I should have tried a slice of this 'best selling' Cookie Dough Pie know in the name of research purposes, but one thing that did set alarm bells ringing was the 'biscuit pieces'. Cookie dough should not be a biscuit, it should not, I repeat NOT be crunchy.

I was pleased to see on opening the bar that there was a good amount of cookie dough chunks dotted throughout the bar that were clearly visible through the milk chocolate. I'm pleased they haven't just stuck the cookie dough pieces on top of the bar as The Chocolate Smiths sometimes do with some of their chocolate bars, or at least they used to anyway.

The Pudding Parlour Cookie Dough Pie Bar 

The Belgian milk chocolate is around 36% cocoa solids, which at least signaled that it shouldn't be sickly sweet..I hoped. Thankfully this was case, the milk chocolate was really nice, a good, creamy flavour and melt. The cookie dough and fudge pieces were definitely present and I got one at least in nearly every piece of chunk of chocolate. However this is where things started to break down a little bit, as I feared the cookie dough was crunchy?!? I thought it had a soft bite at first but as I chewed it a bit more it cracked and crunched like a biscuit..noooo!!!! Similarly the fudge wasn't massively soft and got a bit intrusive at times.

The flavour was ok - like I said before the Belgian milk chocolate was pretty good but there wasn't a huge cookie dough flavour, it was there but a bit mild. One major plus however was that it wasn't throat cloying sweet which can quite often be the case when companies try to replicate a cookie dough flavour and you did feel at least you were eating a pleasant chocolate bar rather than some 'faux', packed with sugar, candy flavoured chocolate.

I think this would have been great if they'd kept the cookie dough a softer, chewier texture and just amped up the flavour a little bit. However I feel it just missed the mark slightly; I think I'll just stick to the M&S bites.

Taste - 6.0/10 - The chocolate was quite nice but the whole 'cookie dough' aspect was lost a bit I think.
Texture - 5.7/10 - The chocolate had a good, smooth melt but cookie dough should never be crunchy?!
Appearance - 7.2/10 - I liked the packaging and I am pleased that there was at least a good dispersion of pieces throughout the bar.
Price - 4.3/10 - £3.50 a bar compared to M&S Cookie Dough bites which are around £2-£2.50 depending if you buy them on special...I know which one I'd rather have.
Overall - 5.8/10 - Nice enough chocolate but a bit of a let down on the cookie dough front.


It's a cute novelty chocolate bar if you're looking for a gift for someone if they're not too discerning on the cookie dough aspect.


The Pudding Parlour stores in the North East, which you can find out more about here.

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