Saturday, 3 September 2016

Waitrose 1 White Chocolate with Matcha Tea & Pistachio

As part of a brand revamp Waitrose have launched a load of new products under their new Waitrose '1' range, one of these products being this White Chocolate with Matcha Tea & Pistachio.

As previously stated, I love matcha products, after being thoroughly impressed with the Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé Matcha bar I hoped that Waitrose's own brand version would be equally as good. It's not often that I see more 'unusual' bars in supermarkets but when I do I'm always willing to take my chances, especially at only £1.60! This bar not only includes matcha tea but also has pistachios dotted throughout the bar.

Waitrose 1 White Chocolate with Matcha Tea + Pistachios 

The chocolate definitely wasn't as deeply coloured green as the previous bar I'd tried and having a look at the back of the pack it was no wonder really, matcha tea only makes up 0.5% of the bar, hmm. You could also see the little flecks of pistachio dotted throughout the bar.

Waitrose 1 White Chocolate with Matcha Tea + Pistachios

The white chocolate had quite a soft snap and it was nice to see that there were good chunks of pistachio in the bar, at least they haven't scrimped on that front. However that's where it all breaks down for me. The flavour was just really peculiar and I mean really odd. I don't know whether it was just me but it certainly did not taste of matcha or pistachio or really even white chocolate for that matter.


Waitrose 1 White Chocolate with Matcha Tea + Pistachios

Instead it had a weird kind of chemically, fruity flavour that I can't say was particularly pleasant and definitely no where near as good as the last matcha bar I tried. The melt of it was ok and the texture of the pistachio nuts had a good crunch but it couldn't detract from the awful flavour of the bar. Safe to say I won't be buying this one again, no wonder it was only £1.60.

Taste - 2.9/10 - It didn't taste of matcha or pistachio, it had a strange chemical fruit taste.
Texture - 5.4/10 - Melt was quite good and pistachios were crunchy.
Appearance - 5.0/10 - The colour of the bar was a bit off putting.
Price - 4.2/10 - £1.60 for 85g isn't bad value but I found the chocolate to be so strange tasting that I don't think it's good value for money in terms of quality.
Overall - 4.4/10 - Odd.

I don't really know who to recommend this for, I mean it could just be me and maybe you should try it for yourself, but I just found it plain strange.


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