Monday, 10 October 2016

Moon Pie Bites

I was recently sent a lovely package of goodies as a belated birthday present from the lovely Amy from Amy Seeks New Treats, one of the delicious looking products she sent me was this box of Moon Pie Bites - 'It's S'more Fun as a Bite'. Moon Pies, much like S'mores, consist of two round graham cracker cookies filled with marshmallow and then covered in milk chocolate. The flavour of these has then been attempted to be replicated in a small bite size chocolate piece, a little bit smaller than a Malteser.

Moon Pie Bites

I've had bad experiences with similar products like this before, normally using inferior ingredients and a chocolate flavoured coating (mockolate) as opposed to actual chocolate they quite often taste really artificial and cloyingly sweet. Scanning the packaging it seemed that these Moon Pie Bites also used a 'chocolate flavoured coating' and I was worried that like past experiences they were going to be a bit of a let down.

Moon Pie Bites

However popping one into my mouth and biting into it I was pleasantly surprised, sure these are no high quality single origin chocolate bar but they are fun, quite tasty and no where near as sweet/sickly as previous similar products I've tried! There was a good savoury flavour of  graham cracker with a sweet hint of marshmallow and although the chocolate coating of course wasn't amazing it did remind me of a Moon Pie/S'mores and they were pretty moreish.

Moon Pie Bites

The texture is much like a firmer cookie dough and adds to their moreish quality, not too hard and crunchy but not so soft that they just disintegrate on first bite. Although I don't think I would have necessarily just eaten them on their own, due to their size I enjoyed using them as a topping on things, oats/yoghurt etc which is personally what I think they're perfect for.

Taste - 6.0/10 - Not the highest quality chocolate product you're ever going to have and strangely enough not particularly 'chocolatey' but they did have quite a moreish flavour to them.
Texture - 5.9/10 - Like a drier cookie dough.

Appearance - 6.7/10 - Perfect size, great for using as a topping.
Price - 6.2/10 - I'm not sure what Amy paid for these but having a look at American Soda they're priced at £2.29 for an 88g box.
Overall - 6.2/10 - Much better than expected!
Can imagine these would go down a treat with kids or anyone that's after a not too sophisticated sweet treat.

You can get them online from American Soda here

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  1. A few years ago a friend sent me some mini moon pies - I thought that they were a bit like wagon wheels :)