Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Raw Health Organic Blissed Chocada Truffles

When I think of chocolate I don't really think of 'raw' chocolate products such as this, unlike Solkiki's raw products which I have reviewed recently which do resemble and 'eat' like a chocolate bar should, these Raw Health Organic Blissed Chocada Truffles, that I picked up at Wholefoods when I was down in London, don't particularly resemble a classic 'truffle'.

Raw Health Truffles

Made with dates, raw chocolate, agave syrup and coconut oil they reminded me somewhat of a Nakd bar, albeit without the nut element. You got 3 in the box, each sitting in its own paper wrapper, each just a bit larger than a standard chocolate truffle.

Cutting one in half I was met with quite a bit of resistance, they were much firmer than I expected and on eating had quite a chewy texture to them, much firmer and chewier than Nakd products.
Raw Health Truffles

The taste, well chocolate they are not, that's for sure. There's some 'health' products posing as chocolate that can get away with it and still satisfy that craving for chocolate that so often pops up. Unfortunately these are not one of them. They have a very 'healthy' taste to them with an undertone fruitiness from the dates and a slight bitter kick from the raw cacao. Unfortunately this combined with the lack of a melt in the mouth texture, which is often so important in the eating of chocolate, left me feeling that these were a bit lack lustre.

Now that's not to say that you're not going to enjoy them as an alternative health snack but if you're looking for something sumptuous and chocolatey, well unfortunately I think you're going to have to look elsewhere.

Raw Health Truffles  

Taste - 3.0/10 - They just really didn't hit the chocolate spot for me.
Texture - 2.5/10 - I really didn't like the firm, chewy nature of them.
Appearance - 5.0/10 - I guess they kind of fit that classic 'health' snack look but as a chocolate product, um no, not really.
Price - 3.5/10 - I paid ~£2.50 for 3.
Overall - 3.5/10 - As a chocolate product - a definite no,no. As a health product - I've had better.
Those looking for an alternative raw/health snack may like to try them.

I picked mine up from Wholefoods in London but you can find details of other stockists online here.

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