Sunday, 16 October 2016

Solkiki Balinese Coconut White Chocolate

You may remember I was thoroughly impressed with the Tahitian Nougat Solkiki bar that I reviewed recently; however it was this Balinese Coconut White Chocolate bar that attracted me to Solkiki in the first place, it won the best free from white chocolate in the UK; however my real question was could it still be a delicious white chocolate irrespective of its 'free from' credentials.

Solkiki Balinese Coconut White Chocolate 

As with all of Solkiki's chocolate bars the ingredients list is very minimal made from - 'organic cane sugar, organic cold-pressed cacao butter, organic coconut, whole vanilla pod, pink mountain salt' meaning that it is completely vegan and raw.

The bar has a slightly off white colour and a very smooth feel to it, snapping apart crisply and cleanly. The melt is gorgeous: smooth, rich and sumptuous; you can really tell the quality of the cacao butter used, providing that wonderful mouth feel and really distinguishing it from other 'non-raw' chocolate bars.

Solkiki Balinese Coconut White Chocolate 

The flavour is so clean and fresh with a delicious creamy white chocolate flavour with subtle hints of tropical coconut that help to add depth of flavour to the overall eat. As with the Tahitian Nougat bar this isn't overly sweet and certainly isn't going to be causing any awful throat burning problems that many commercial white chocolate bars do.

Solkiki Balinese Coconut White Chocolate 

Once again Solkiki really impresses, this Balinese Coconut White Chocolate bar is superb irrespective of whether you're looking for a 'free from' bar or not. If all you're looking for is something that tastes and eats great then this still absolutely hits the spot.

Taste - 8.4/10 - Delicious, light vanilla and coconut.
Texture - 8.7/10 - Gorgeous, smooth, rich melt.
Appearance - 8.5/10 - Love the design of the bar and packaging.
Price - 8.4/10 - £3.95 for a 56g bar.
Overall - 8.5/10 - An excellent high quality white chocolate bar.
Vegan or not this is a great bar of chocolate for anyone looking for a higher quality white chocolate.

Solkiki are only stocked at independent retailers or you can buy online here.  

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