Friday, 7 October 2016

Solkiki Tahitian Nougat White Chocolate Salty Peanut

I really enjoyed browsing the Academy of Chocolate Awards this year to get an idea of some new brands/companies whose chocolate I could try. Solkiki was one of the companies that I came across. Solkiki are an ethical, small batch UK bean to bar stone-ground chocolate maker, making vegan chocolate using the highest quality ingredients and cold pressed cacao butter, to maintain its health benefits.

Solkiki Tahitian Nougat White Chocolate Salty Peanut  

To be honest vegan chocolate isn't something that I often actively seek out, I'm not a vegan and have no problem eating animal based products; however something about Solkiki really intrigued me - particularly the delicious range of flavours they offered, especially their white chocolate offerings!

Solkiki Tahitian Nougat White Chocolate Salty Peanut

I was given a large selection of their chocolate bars as a gift recently and I couldn't wait to tuck in. The first one I will be reviewing is this Tahitian Nougat White Chocolate Salty Peanut - 'fine white chocolate made from raw cacao butter and peanuts, with a sprinkling of salt and a pinch of Tahitian vanilla. The smooth, salty peanut is lifted by the naturally bright, pristine tasting butter, and the floral vanilla brings added depth to the bar.'

This bar sounded right up my street, I love peanuts in chocolate and the fact it was blended in with the white chocolate sounded amazing. On snapping off a piece of the chocolate I could tell it was going to be extremely creamy and rich, due to using cold pressed cacao butter the chocolate has a luxurious, thick, enrobing mouth feel and melt. Far superior to any white chocolate you've probably tried before and most definitely not sickly sweet or throat burning.

Solkiki Tahitian Nougat White Chocolate Salty Peanut

The overall flavour is that of a creamy, sweet, buttery eat with a subtle hint of salted peanut and a delicate vanilla back note. In terms of a high quality white chocolate with an added inventive twist it's probably one of the best I've ever had and would highly recommend it whether you're vegan or not! Simplicity executed to the highest standard.

Taste - 8.0/10 - Subtle vanilla and salty peanut blended with a sweet white chocolate backdrop.
Texture - 8.7/10 - Gorgeous, smooth, rich melt.
Appearance - 8.5/10 - Love the design of the bar and packaging.
Price - 8.0/10 - £3.95 for a 56g bar (although personally I feel as if you get a lot more than this due to the richness of the eat it lasts a long time), for high quality chocolate like this I think it's great value.
Overall - 8.3/10 - Ethical and utterly delicious!
Vegan or not this is a great bar of chocolate for anyone looking for a higher quality white chocolate.

Solkiki are only stocked at independent retailers or you can buy online here

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