Tuesday, 8 November 2016

M&S 46% Single Origin Dominican Republic Milk Chocolate

Given the option of white, milk or dark chocolate I would pretty much always choose milk. White is nice but can be too sweet at times, dark can be a more complex affair but sometimes it's too bitter and I just want an easy eat; however milk pretty much always hits the spot. 

However it's often difficult to find good quality milk chocolate, especially of a single origin nature, with most single origin bars being of the dark chocolate variety. I presume this is often the case as beans from certain locations often possess particular flavours which can be picked up more clearly in a dark chocolate bar, due to increased cocoa content, and therefore marketed on its tasting notes. Similarly I would assume that those who are looking to purchase a single origin bar are more often than not those who enjoy exploring dark chocolate tasting notes and prefer a more complex eat eat. Alas I am not one of those and I love a good quality milk chocolate bar.

M&S Single Origin 46% Dominican Republic Milk Chocolate

When I first saw these new single origin bars at my local Marks & Spencer it was just the dark chocolate varieties that I saw at first, I thought they looked nice enough and might purchase them at some point but they didn't catch my eye in the same way that the milk bars did (I bought 3 - this being the first I'm reviewing).

At 46% this Dominican Republic bar is going to be more complex and slightly darker than your classic milk chocolate eat, due to the higher cocoa content. In conjunction with this the cacao from the Dominican Republic generally tends to be quite strong and robust, often giving way to woodier, spiced notes; so I was expecting quite a deep eat, hopefully balanced with the creamier milk addition.

The outer packaging of the bar is fairly simplistic, whilst I loved the inside, complete with a Taste Profile with the strengths of flavour to expect. The bar itself has a smooth, crisp, clean, snap and quite a dry melt that slowly enrobes the mouth.  

M&S Single Origin 46% Dominican Republic Milk Chocolate

It's definitely a more robust milk chocolate bar, with caramelised, burnt undertones. I always try to think what eating the chocolate bar reminds me of in terms of the notes that I get from it - this one was slightly burnt toast covered in lashings of butter. It has that smoky, buttery undertone to it, balanced with hints of creamy caramel. Delicious.

M&S Single Origin 46% Dominican Republic Milk Chocolate

At £2.00 this is a bargain for such a good quality chocolate bar and I think it's a really nice introduction for individuals looking to explore the tastes of single origin but who don't want to jump straight in at the deep end. Even if you're not all that bothered about the single origin nature of it and just want a really good tasting milk chocolate bar it still makes for a really good eat.

M&S Single Origin 46% Dominican Republic Milk Chocolate

Taste - 8.3/10 - Like warm buttered toast on a winter's morning, covered in lashings of chocolate spread.
Texture - 7.0/10 - A drier melt, still good though.
Appearance - 7.2/10 - Fairly simplistic, liked the Taste Profile on the inside.
Price - 9.0/10 - £2.00 for 100g makes it excellent value.
Overall - 7.9/10 - A delicious single origin milk chocolate bar. I think this may be one I repeat purchase!

Anyone looking to venture into the world of single origin chocolate or just wants a pretty tasty milk chocolate bar!


Marks & Spencer's stores nationwide.


  1. The maple syrup bar is really nice :) I see they do a white choc one in this range now too!

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