Thursday, 24 November 2016

Solkiki Dominican Republic Castillo 47% Mylk

I've reviewed a couple of Solkiki's white chocolate bars so it's about time I review one of their 'mylk' chocolate bars. If you read the last couple of reviews regarding Solkiki you'll know that they are a chocolate company that produce vegan and raw chocolate, hence the spelling of the word 'mylk' as no actual milk is used in the making of their chocolate bars.

I've been seriously impressed with the last couple of bars I've tried from Solkiki, despite their vegan and raw credentials I think they are superb chocolate bars in their own right, now the question is how would I feel about their 'mylk' chocolate bar.

Solkiki Dominican Republic Castillo 47% Mylk
I opted for the Dominican Republic bar as I loved the sound of the flavours that were going on in the bar, described as 'very sweet and soft dairy-free milk chocolate with lovely rounded smoky notes from a small collection of plantations in the northeast region of the Dominican Republic'. I love hints of smoke in chocolate so it certainly sounded like it would be to my tastes.

The chocolate bar had a lovely, sharp, smooth clean snap to it, much crisper compared to other raw chocolate bars I've tried previously. As with the white chocolate bars, this 'mylk' chocolate bar has a similar texture when it comes to the melt, you can definitely tell that there is raw cacao butter in there, it has that rather rich, thick feel to it, meaning it takes a bit longer to melt in the mouth than a standard chocolate bar. However it's still really smooth, with no hints of graininess.

Solkiki Dominican Republic Castillo 47% Mylk 

With this being a 47% bar the flavour definitely is more robust, but considering it doesn't actually contain any milk it's surprisingly creamy with lovely subtle caramel undertones. It doesn't pack heaps of smoky flavour, as described, it's rather subtle with the hint of smokiness coming through as the bar begins to melt, helping to round the flavour.

I must say I was really impressed, I think for personal preference I prefer the white chocolate bars, purely because the flavours are slightly different, e.g. peanut/coconut/hazelnut etc, but that's not to say that this isn't a superb bar of 'mylk' chocolate and could compete with many standard 'milk' chocolate bars.

Solkiki Dominican Republic Castillo 47% Mylk

Taste - 7.9/10
- Deep cacao notes yet still really creamy, subtle undertones of caramel and smoke.

Texture - 8.4/10 - Smooth, rich melt, takes slightly longer to melt than the white chocolate bars due to the higher addition of cacao solids.
Appearance - 8.5/10 - Love the design of the bar and packaging.
Price - 8.4/10 - £3.95 for a 56g bar.
Overall - 8.3/10 - A superb quality milk chocolate bar in its own right, irrespective of free-from credentials.

Obviously this bar is going to tick boxes straight away if you're looking for a vegan or a raw chocolate bar; however even if you're not and you're simply someone who enjoys good quality milk chocolate then this is a great bar.


Online at Solkiki's website here.

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