Thursday, 15 December 2016

Cadbury 5 Star Chocolate Bar

I love coming across chocolate bars from other countries, I'm always interested to see what is regularly sold by mass commercial companies in other areas of the world, that's why it was great when I popped into my local B&M and noticed this 5 Star bar for a bargain price of...I think 29p!!

Cadbury 5 Star

Sold in Egypt/India it seemed to be the equivalent of  a Boost bar in terms of components - a creamy truffle like chocolate centre dotted with crispy biscuit pieces, coated in caramel and then drenched in Cadbury's milk chocolate.  However strange that it should be named and packaged similarly to Cadbury Star Bar, which contains peanuts.

Cadbury 5 Star

I wish I'd had a Boost for comparison so I could have eaten them side by side but I felt that the 5 Star Bar was slightly more chewy and dense compared to the standard Boost, in terms of texture it felt like it ate like its similar namesake - Star Bar (which is slightly denser).

The flavour however is very similar to a Boost bar, essentially creamy chocolate and caramel, why wouldn't it be really? As essentially all of the components are the same, I did think it was possibly less sweet which could either be one of two things : 1) my taste buds weren't as sensitive to sweetness the day I tried it or 2) the Cadbury chocolate used in products isn't as sweet in India/Egypt.

Cadbury 5 Star

For 29p you can't really complain, it's satisfying and "chocolatey" and satisfies many textural components of a chocolate bar - chewy, crunchy and smooth. I definitely think if given the option I'd prefer one of these to the standard Boost!

Taste - 7.4/10 - Satisfying - creamy chocolate, sweet caramel and slightly savoury biscuit pieces.
Texture - 8.0/10 - Dense, chewy and crispy. Better than standard Boost, more like Star Bar.
Appearance - 7.0/10 - Like the design of the packaging.
Price - 9.2/10 - For 29p you really can't complain.
Overall - 7.9/10  - A bargain and pretty tasty!

Anyone a fan of the standard Boost, or anyone just looking for a cheap, satisfying chocolate bar.

B&M stores in the UK.

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