Sunday, 4 December 2016

Lindt Lindor Hazelnut

I love the seasonal variations of Lindor that Lindt often bring out, this year's Winter Edition is Lindor Hazelnut. Safe to say I was pretty excited, if you read the blog frequently you'll know I adore hazelnut chocolate products, so I waited until they went on special offer and picked up a box of them.

Lindt Lindor Hazelnut
Normally with whatever different flavours that Lindt releases, they flavour the inner truffle centre and therefore I was under the impression, and hoping, that the centre here would be hazelnut based, almost like a praline filling. However to my disappointment it seems that it is the regular milk chocolate truffle Lindor filling with simply crushed hazelnuts in the outer shell. Hm a bit of a cop out if you ask me, I definitely think the inner truffle should have been hazelnut based.

Lindt Lindor Hazelnut 

Unwrapping a truffle out of its brown, hazelnut coloured wrapping, you can clearly see the hazelnut pieces dotted throughout the shell, distinguishing it from the classic milk chocolate Lindor.

Lindt Lindor Hazelnut
Now Lindors are most definitely one of the chocolates that are better when sucked, you simply cannot get the same melt in the mouth enjoyment by quickly, biting your way through it. However I felt that the hazelnut pieces actually ruined this, as it made the melt a bit scratchy and not as smooth. In conjunction with this they didn't actually add a whole lot of flavour, with the eat still being dominated by the classic milk chocolate truffle Lindor flavour : creamy, rich, slightly malty chocolate.

Lindt Lindor Hazelnut

That's not to say that this is a bad thing, but if I wanted a classic milk chocolate Lindor I would have bought a classic milk chocolate Lindor, if I buy something hazelnut based I really want it to pack a hazelnut punch. This could have been a million times better if only the filling had been made hazelnut based. 

Taste - 6.7/10 - Still tastes good, as most Lindor chocolates do, but most certainly isn't "hazelnut" in terms of flavour.
Texture - 5.5/10 - The addition of the hazelnuts ruined the smooth melt.
Appearance - 7.4/10 - Standard Lindor appearance.
Price - 6.0/10 - I bought these on special for £3.50, don't think I would pay full price for this particular flavour.
Overall - 6.4/10 - Could have been so much nicer with a hazelnut centre.
If you're looking for an alternative to the classic milk chocolate Lindor and don't expect them to be too hazelnut dominated.

Most major retailers will stock these.

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