Monday, 16 January 2017

Guylian Caramel Belgian Chocolate Bar

As part of my Christmas present, Amy from Amy Seeks New Treats also popped in this tasty looking Guylian Caramel Belgian chocolate bar, you can read her review of this bar here.  Although not officially part of my Christmas present, she thought she would pop it in for me to try, I did however wait until after Christmas to give it a go.

Guylian Caramel Belgian Chocolate Bar

I'm quite a fan of the Guylian Seashells; although I don't buy them frequently, they offer a pretty satisfying hazelnut praline experience, washed down with a warm cup of tea. I know Guylian overall produce a wide range of Belgian chocolates; however it is with these Seashells that I so often associate them with. Therefore I was under the misinterpreted perception that this Guylian Caramel bar would be a mixture of hazelnut praline and caramel (in my defence on the product wrapper it did look like it had another layer to it, underneath the caramel).

Guylian Caramel Belgian Chocolate Bar

The bar is divided into 4 separate pieces, each adorned with a small marbled milk and white chocolate seashell piece, and is filled with a smooth caramel. Only a smooth caramel I must say, no hint of praline whatsoever. The chocolate is Guylian's classic Belgian chocolate, creamy, milky and rich, but the caramel is quite sweet and something about the ratios felt slightly off, it felt like there was too much caramel and too little chocolate.

Guylian Caramel Belgian Chocolate Bar

As I was eating it I couldn't help but feel it reminded me of something; it kind of tastes like a richer, less caramel filled version of a Galaxy Caramel, it has that similar creamy, sweet flavour to it. I would have really liked if the caramel had been taken down a bit and a layer of praline had been added to bring in the component of their well known Seashells. I think it would have helped add another flavour component to the quite sweet chocolate bar.

Guylian Caramel Belgian Chocolate Bar

Although it sounds like I wasn't a huge fan of this bar I did actually quite enjoy it, it was pleasant enough and I did enjoy eating it but I don't know whether I would rush out to buy it if I saw it gracing the shelves. I do however really appreciate Amy picking this up for me as I haven't seen it anywhere locally and am just grateful that Guylian decided to opt for a regular caramel as opposed to salted (when oh when will this trend die?!).

Taste - 7.2/10 - Fairly pleasant, creamy Belgian chocolate, sweet caramel. Like a richer Galaxy Caramel.
Texture - 6.0/10 - The ratios of caramel:chocolate felt off.
Appearance - 7.5/10 - Looks pretty enough, like the seashell additions on each piece.
Price - 7.7/10 - On Amy's post she mentioned that she picked these up from a market stall for either 3 or 4 for £1. Bargain.
Overall - 7.1/10 - A pleasant enough bar, think it would have benefitted from a praline addition!

If you're a fan of Guylian's creamy Belgian chocolate then it's still a tasty enough bar.


I haven't seen these in any stores locally, Amy managed to pick it up from a local market stall. However I would imagine that places like B&M, that often get imported/different chocolate bars, may hopefully stock it in the future.

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