Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Mydorable Bon-Bon Voyage Box

I love it when I'm contacted to review a new chocolate company that I've never heard of before; there's that initial excitement of wondering what their products will be like and what I'll be sent (rest assured that even when I am given free products all of my reviews are non-biased!) That's why I was delighted when I received an email last week from a company called "Mydorable" who produce a range of handmade French confectionery products; although they do produce a couple of non-chocolate products I asked whether everything I was sent could be chocolate based (this is a chocolate reviewing blog after all!)

Mydorable Bon Bon Voyage Box  

The gorgeous looking ribbon wrapped box arrived in the post yesterday morning and I couldn't wait to see what was inside. Looking at their website it appears I was sent a Bon-Bon Voyage box, the Tour Your France - Your Travel Selection to be exact, which contains 3 products of your choosing.

Mydorable Bon Bon Voyage Box

Inside there was a lovely Polaroid picture of the French Alps with "Bon-Bon Voyage" written on it - a nice unique touch, along with 3 pretty looking tubs of various Mydorable products. I was sent :

Mydorable Bon Bon Voyage Box

Mydorable Pebbles
- "'Fleur de sel' salted caramel, wrapped in milk chocolate and enclosed in a sugar shell"

Rainbow Confettis - "70% chocolate enclosed in a beautifully crisp sugar shell"

Sparrow Eggs - "Roasted whole almonds covered in 'gianduja' - a chocolate and hazelnut paste, with a crisp sugar shell"

Mydorable Bon Bon Voyage Box

They all looked extremely pretty, so I hoped they would taste as good as they looked!

Mydorable Bon Bon Voyage Box

I decided to try the Mydorable Pebbles first, a good satisfying size and a visual that looked very "pebble-like", they were absolutely delicious. Sweetness from the sugar shell with a gorgeously creamy, rich milk chocolate with a slight salty note added from the salted caramel filling. Extremely moreish and a good variety of textures - crisp sugar shell, smooth milk chocolate and slightly nibbly salted caramel (this is not a liquid salted caramel but more akin to a brittle caramel). I think these were my favourite product of the box.

Mydorable Bon Bon Voyage Box

Next up were the Rainbow Confettis, with their bright colours they looked extremely appetising and unlike the other two products these were made with a dark chocolate, 70%. I was expecting them to be quite bitter but they actually ate really well. The sweetness of the sugar shell helped to balance the deeper dark chocolate notes.

Mydorable Bon Bon Voyage Box

Finally probably the product I was looking forward to the most on opening the box, the Sparrow Eggs. As you know I love gianduja so I was fairly sure I was going to enjoy these. Safe to say I did. Rich, creamy, nutty gianduja with a slight savoury "nuttiness" added from the roasted almond with added sweetness from the sugar shell it ate like a dream. The textures were spot on: crunchy roasted almond, smooth gianduja and crisp sugar shell. Heaven.

I have to say I was thoroughly impressed with Mydorable's products, not only is the presentation of their products excellent but the actual quality of the goods is superb. Even better that with this Tour Your France box you can choose your own selection, to suit what tastes you or your gift recipient has; however I can most definitely recommend all 3 options I was sent!

Taste - 8.0/10 - All delicious, excellent quality chocolate products.

Texture - 8.4/10 - The crisp sugar shells make these incredibly moreish.
Appearance - 9.2/10 - I love how these were presented and the addition of the Polaroid photo in the box is a lovely touch.

Price - 8.5/10 - £10 for this box is excellent value for money.
Overall - 8.5/10 - Thoroughly impressed with the range of products I was sent.

Would make a lovely gift for someone.

Online at Mydorable's website here .

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